Typical Cappuccino Instagram Shot Turns Into Awesome Wasp Photobomb


Never let anyone tell you to stop taking photos of your food… not because you should be proud of the habit, but because it might someday lead to an accidentally awesome photo like the one above: a wasp photobomb.

The photo was taken by Reddit user Angerfist‘s girlfriend Andjela entirely by accident one day as she sat down to coffee with a friend.

“She tried to take a simple photo of what she was about to consume (you know the kind, all the girls do it for some reason),” Angerfist told us. “The [wasp] just flew into the shot and the camera automatically focused on it.”

Here’s a closer crop of the culprit:


It’s a great shot made even greater by the fact that it was unintended and taken on a smartphone — a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, in case you’re wondering.

After the photo was taken, Angerfist posted it to Reddit’s r/pics subreddit, where the image immediately took off. In the 8 hours since it went up, he’s gotten some 2,500+ upvotes and 200+ comments, a good percentage of which wished to notify him in no uncertain terms that the bug in the picture is a wasp, not a bee as he initially thought.

So you see, sometimes taking photos of your cappuccino is a good thing. It might be the exception to the rule, but hey, we’ve seen a similar sort of thing happen with a selfie as well.

(via Reddit)

Image credits: Photograph by Andjela and used with permission

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Brian

    Doubt it.

  • Angerfist

    Yeah, i took the time to photoshop a wasp onto a picture of a cappuccino so i can post it to reddit.

  • Chris Pickrell

    You’d be surprised how many people would.

  • Alex

    Slow news day?

  • Rob Elliott

    So.. I call suspect.. only because you see wing detail from a picture on a smart phone.

    Now I’m not saying that it isn’t real.. I don’t see EXIF data and without it I can’t say.. but generally you’d need a fairly high shutter speed to capture wing detail from a flying wasp. (1/1500+ is likely a safe bet without flash) Is the Phone capable of a high enough shutter? and would it’s auto mode choose such a high shutter for this scene?

    (it very well might have but it seem advantageous that it just happened to do so)

  • Alan Klughammer

    Great photobomb, average photograph…

  • Andjela M

    Ne seri

  • Joey Duncan

    WTF man, get a life. Stop hating.

  • Alan Klughammer

    not hating at all, it is a great funny photobomb. Once you are past that though, it is a very average photo. I am sure it will not have any meaning next week…
    I agree with Alex above… Slow news day…

  • Robert Baggs

    As much as I don’t want to be ‘that guy’, I agree. I do a lot of macro photography and to get that sort of clarity on an insect which rarely hovers still for very long WITHOUT a flash is hard to believe. The shot attached is a hoverfly in flight and near enough stationary at 1/200 taken on a full frame DSLR with macro flash. To achieve similar results on a wasp that doesn’t look to be hovering still on a phone with no flash would be surprising.

  • Joey Duncan

    I just see a point in mentioning it’s an “average photo” The photo quality has no relevance to posting it on here. (assuming the photo isn’t fake) Of course it’s an average photo, it was taken by a person drinking a drink, that happened to take a photo of it. 99% of the people take pictures that at best would be credited for being average or less and their very best. Wasn’t the point of the picture, at all.

  • sasa

    i would agree and as for where the focus is, you could and up estimating the distance from on end of the antenna to the other, cca. 1 inch, resulting in the size of the wasp – 2 inches. A bit big for a wasp…

  • sasa

    oh and in addition the highlights on the coffee are blue, there are no blue highlights in the wasp eye…

  • Chris Savoie

    Read the full story here? What story?

  • Trythe1


  • hlvegemite

    Max shutter speed for an S11 is 1/2000 but scene would need to be very bright for camera to choose this. You would need this shutter speed to ‘near freeze’ those wings, judging by similar photos on Flickr. Something smells funny and it’s not a sprinkle of cocoa…


    Try comparing the content of this message of the average message of PP 3/4 years ago…. Really?…. A wasp inside picture?????


    to the average…

  • Joseph Mietus

    Absolutely. In addition to that, it appears the bee is out of the focal plane. Not a consistent focus.

  • Rob Elliott

    ya I noticed that too, with a bee though it’s hard to say for sure so I let that one slide there really isn’t any markers, but it does seem off a bit. But that could be our eyes getting confused because of it being at a near macro range.


    Congratulations Petapixel, you are now on equal footing with Fstoppers for useless posts.


    Rob, seriously.
    Get yourself a life.

  • James

    If its an iPhone, Or something similar, it it would have a fixed aperture of something close to F/2. Now i’m not saying it’s defiantly real, just well at F/2 on a sunny day, what shutter speed do you use?

  • James

    Probably has a fixed aperture of around F/2… and the beach is properly exposed. I would say that shutter speed is going to be up there.

  • Rob Elliott

    well, first being as it was 7 months ago I did a quick re-read… it’s not an iPhone that is claimed, and I didn’t write iPhone. Most iPhones are f2.4 not f2.

    The same shutter rules do not apply for exposure with a phone vs larger sensor camera. If this was a macro shot take at f2.4 on a APS-C the distant background would be totally bokehed out. .

    There are several issues with it. from scale, focal plane, shutter speed. It is unlikely (to me) that it is real… is it possible that this photo happened to be take as is with a very tiny bee, exactly in the right place, with a phone that took a perfect exposure in the shade at a high shutter speed? yes… is it likely? no. Is it just as likely it was faked?… yes.