Major League Baseball Game Delayed by Annoying Camera Phone User

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Attention amateur concert photographers: are you really being as annoying and disruptive as you could be? Because an attendee at a Major League Baseball game may have just set a new high/low at a recent Tampa Bay Rays home game.

Last week, a fan inside the Tropicana Dome was determined to capture every moment of the game with her smartphone. In order to do this properly, she chose to leave the flash turned on to, you know, even out the lighting in the 41,000-seat shed … or something like that.

As the fan was seated right behind home plate, the visiting Los Angeles Angels had a little problem with the random bursts of light throwing off their timing on defense. The coach huddled with the umpire and, after a brief delay of the game, the umps had ushers track down the offender and ask her to turn off the flash and/or phone in one of the most public gadget fails ever.

The game resumed — the culprit showing not the slightest bit of embarrassment — and the Angels went on to win the game 2-0.

The question now is how this might affect MLB rules. The home team can be forced to forfeit if fans seriously disrupt a game, so should there be some lesser penalty for egregious camera misuse?

Random iPhone-toting fan gets to visit the home locker room? Opposing pitcher gets three tosses to try to knock the camera out of the offender’s hands? Away team players get a copy of Instagram’s ultra-secret “‘Roid Rage” filter? All of the above? We’ll let you be the judge.

(via Fansided)

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Why would they wait till they get home?

  • Jason Wright

    THAT is a very good question. They obviously MUST DO otherwise they would see how ******g stupid they are being and turn the flash off at the time.

  • Jason Wright

    While I disagree a ban is required I can understand why some venues would have a ban on cameras.
    The problem is there is no way you can ban stupidity. It’s a shame as that ban would be one I heartily agree with at all venues.

  • Guest

    it was probably the option she had that makes the LED flash when she receives a text message

  • aiki

    As i read this I can’t help but wonder, if she was a white woman would anyone have so much as batted an eyelash at it?

    This is a complete non-story made only possible by the her skin color and size of her body and the fact that she’s got enough money to buy premium seats in an otherwise white dominated crowd.

    Delayed the game? Annoying camera phone user? Really Petapixel?

    At the most, it was just an interruption… and even that just barely.

  • MarvinB7

    Wow. I guess you better start making the rounds to camera manufacturer board meetings to let them in on the new discovery. They’ve been wasting their money by adding a flash all this time.

    Normally I’m pretty civil when commenting on posts, but in this instance I really must say… you’re an idiot.

  • Rollei666

    public ed has taught you way too much bro., that or public enemy and gay-z? race card race card blah blah blah.

  • bgrady413

    Statements like this make me sick. There is not one shred of evidence in this article that even whiffs at racism or sizism(my new word, I called it!). It does however scream at ignorance and stupidity which this person clearly displayed, Aiki, this person disrupted an entire game over leaving a flash on that really she did not need!
    Second point, neither of these teams prices are anywhere near expensive compared to other teams, trust me.
    Lastly, I enjoy these sort of photography related but not really stories petapixel sometimes puts out, they are sometimes entertaining, I think the people that take this site to task for running stories like this for not being photography news should just get the hell over it.

  • aiki

    Granted, she did leave her flash on (not flashing but continuously on). Now how this tiny flash affects any player’s ability to see or play in a stadium that’s otherwise lit by professional grade stadium lights is a true mystery to me.

    She probably didn’t even realize her flash was on to begin with but almost everyone here as well as Becker are acting as if they’re above any and all mistakes like that. Yeah I’m sure no one here bumped up their ISO and forgot to dial it back later on or left their mode dial or forgot to adjust their WB or shot in JPEG when they should have used RAW.

    But even if we assume the worst and she did leave it on on purpose because she thought it would make her video look better (obvious she’s taking video not stills) so what? Honest noob mistake that doesn’t deserve half the attention it was given not to mention the publicizing and blasting her image along with accusing her of delaying the game and branding her annoying.

    And even then she promptly complied with the usher. Didn’t talk back. Didn’t raise a fuss. Made a mistake. Corrected. Complied. The whole incident took place in 30 seconds…

    Look, I enjoy Petapixel as well otherwise I wouldn’t be on this site but every once in a while they come up with these incredibly ridiculous golden nuggets which only purpose seems to attract traffic.

  • aiki

    Not sure if you’re referring to the woman or to the writer or to the commentors…

  • putyourstupidphonedown

    It’s hard for my darn self to enjoy the moment when some gomer is making a shaky home movie in between me and an entertainer or event. What do these people do, go home and “relive” the event they were too busy “filming” to experience in the first place?

  • too kinky to relax

    Thanks Petapixel for making me famous…im free for an interview anytime…God Bless

  • Douglas A Wade

    Ram Das, a guru, said to “Be Here Now.” He observed that when people take pictures, they end up being “here now later.”

  • Eric

    Asian Angels fans in Anaheim do this constantly. I saw it again last night. I believe they are actually trying to disrupt the opposing team.