Tadaa 3D: An Instagram-Style Photo App that Creates Neat 3D Illusions


The Tadaa app for iOS is a neat camera and effects app that has managed to win itself some 3 million users since it first hit digital shelves. It’s done this by offering interesting effects and features that competitors like Instagram don’t — such as a Twitter-like re-share feature and the recently added ability to blur the background.

The newest feature out of the Tadaa camp, however, comes as its own stand-alone app rather than an in-app ability. Dubbed Tadaa 3D, it’ll allow you to “create breathtaking 3D illusions” using standard photos.

The feature is pretty straight forward. After you’re imported or taken a photo, you’ll have a chance to select the area you want made “3D” in mask mode by drawing over it. Then you can select your standard filters and/or adjust other settings before posting to Tadaa and sharing to either Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.


When viewed in the Tadaa app, the selected portion of the photo will appear 3D when your friends tilt the screen to look around, over or under the object. The versions shared via social networks, on the other hand, are automatically turned into animated GIFs so that your friends can experience the illusion outside the app.

Some sources are questioning whether a feature, no matter how cool, is worth its own stand-alone app. But if you think it is, you can pick up Tadaa 3D from the iTunes App Store for $4 by clicking here. Customer reviews so far seem to be favorable.

(via Geeky Gadgets)

  • Log

    It seems to me that it is more a focus effect than a 3D effect…

  • Rabi Abonour

    Check the second-to-last paragraph again. It seems like the app has portions of the photo move as you move your phone.

  • Stephen Godfrey

    Is that what it really does? I cannot find a video that shows this cool feature. Thats what I want to see and I cannot belive that there is not one already.
    In reply to Log the have two apps one that is tadaa HD which looks like a better version of Instagram and now this 3D one

  • renambot

    If I had to guess, it’s a parallax effect: paint a region, move it to a layer above the background, and fill the hole in the background with something like ‘context aware fill’. If you tilt the phone, you move the two layers independently giving a sensation of depth (I believe iOS7 is doing something like this).

  • slvrscoobie

    yeah, i am not spending $4 on a app that I only see 3 still images of for a gimmick that’s supposed to be ‘active’.. wheres the videos yo?

  • chuckcloninger

    It’s free now and a really fun app. You can see that on the one of my son in Mexico that I was unable to closely follow his body and some of the background bleeds into his frame. iPhone is just such a small screen for big fingers. But it’s pretty cool particularly when you want to get rid of background such as obnoxious tourist behind him that wanted in the photo.