Photographer Flies His Drone Camera Into the Groom’s Head During a Bridal Shoot

Looking to incorporate drone photography and videography into your wedding photo packages? Make sure you’re a pro at flying the drone before getting it anywhere near your clients.

The video above is an example of what can happen if you’re not.

It was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month by a wedding photographer who goes by WeddingMan123. In the description, he states that he was using a DJI Phantom aerial drone quadcopter that had a GoPro camera mounted to it.

The drone camera that was being used

The drone camera that was being used

The bridal shoot was being done two days prior to the actual wedding, and the photographer was attempting to do some flybys of the bride and groom near the beginning of the shoot. After doing one successful flyby, the photographer decided to bring it around for another pass.

The second time was not the charm.

WeddingMan123 says he “underestimated the lift time,” and ended up flying the drone camera directly into the side of the groom’s face. The impact resulted in a cut on the man’s cheek and another on the side of his head.

Too late to pull up.

Too late to pull up.

“I felt horrible,” WeddingMan123 writes. Luckily for him, the couple laughed it off, cleaned up, and continued with the shoot. Afterward, they even requested that the video be uploaded to the Web.

We’re guessing WeddingMan123 will be putting in a little more practice before attempting another bridal shoot drone flyby.

(via Gizmodo via Imaging Resource)

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  • Eric Calouro

    That was quite funny.

  • Ali

    Luckily the couple had a sense of humor and he didn’t get sued!

  • No, no not adding my name!

    Why a drone camera at a wedding? Is the photographer this lazy he can’t pick up his zoom or any lens and and photograph the couple? I think the photog misses his remote toys when he was a kid. LOL!

  • thunander


  • CBphotography

    what a tool. serious why even try the drone if you dont know how to use it already. Not just use it either, you need to have it down so you dont have crappy shakey video.

  • crummett

    Drone cameras can offer an unusual and unique perspective on weddings or any other event. That is, until everyone is using them.

  • Joey Duncan

    Photographers see all these new fads and want to jump on it. People perceive multirotors as toys and think they can just go buy one and start flying. Which, if you do any R/C at all you’ll know… that isn’t the case, even with all the stabilization they are still hard to control.

    Although Multirotors will be an essential tool, they still require skill, just like your camera. You wouldn’t expect a still photographer to start shooting and editing video, why would you pick up a copter and expect to start shooting.

    Aside from just being able to keep it in the air, there is having skill to get the shot you need to make it worth it so it doesn’t look like a highschooler did it. Photographers have a word for this… what is it called…. ohhh ya COMPOSITION…… we dwell over this little word our entire lives….. or at least the ones who care about how they shoot.

  • David

    From what I understand you can’t use the drones for a paid gig. FAA has not set the rules for the drones. The ruling is expected around 2014. Until then you can fly them around, take photos and videos for as a hobby but not professionally.

  • Joey Duncan

    I will also note, that it IS possible who knew what he was doing, something may have happened with his setup, like ‘lock out’ even at close range if the gear fails it can happen. And because of the way the copter stabilizes it would have just stayed on heading…. into their head….ies?…. Well you get the point. This technology is VERY new, and despite how far it has come, and how much hobbyist trust it if he purchased a DJI Phantom, it’s not commercial grade. You wouldn’t buy a company similar to canon if the company was only 5 years old would you? No you buy canon (or Nikon) because of proof in product that it’s not going to break in the field….

  • K S B

    This redefines the catchphrase “he took an arrow to the knee” to “he took a chopper to the head”. LMAO!

  • MS

    Omg ultimate fail!

    “Oh yea we need drone shots! Everyone is doing drone shots these days….”

  • rexel99

    OK, thanks Captain Hindsight, you all have perfect 20/20 vision after the fact. Yes, I think it’s an unnecessary gimmick but then some people doing weddings want to jump from a plane or be underwater.. to each their own. With these things happening thousands of times per day and with all the cameras catching every moment the little mishaps like this will be recorded for Internet history and our enjoyment. Nice that we also got a good laugh about it like the B&G did.

  • Peter Fogarty

    For my next wedding I plan to fire the Bride and Groom out of a cannon … should make a lovely unique shot … until everyone else starts doing it.

  • Bill

    This is pretty funny, but as an owner of a Phantom I know how much damage these things can do. The groom is lucky not to lose and eye or ear due to this impact.

  • Mick

    Ouch! The difficulty with photographing any wedding is finding an original perspective. How about employing just great photography? I worry sometimes.

  • gs

    Thats why many professionals are using them for aerial videography? If you stay out of airspace, your fine.

  • Dave

    I am going to guess he was not invited to shoot the wedding night or honeymoon.

  • Gia Ly

    OMG it’s amature hour! You deserve to get hit in the face for hiring kids to do a man’s job.

  • gs

    It is commercial grade. Many pro videographers are using them. DJI is a very commercial company, Not some hobbyist stuff.

  • Joey Duncan

    Maybe I should have explained better, DJI is a great company, they are one of the *few* who are turnkey with their product. But if DJI made a camera, it would be a great camera… until something went wrong. a Commercial grade product is not the same as a commercial company. Yes DJI puts a lot of effort into their products, but you still can’t *just fly it* eventually something is going to change, or go wrong. And there are 1000 settings to change, you the photographer who but what you though was a tool turns out to be a nightmare. There are littereally HUNDREDS of settings to change between navigation, flight controls, gyro, then there is the controller. So you may buy a DJI Phantom, but it’s at the mercy of your own knowledge and the person who sold it to you. *ya it’s great* coming from a photographer is not the same things as *ya it’s great* coming from a professional pilot who does videography. . Want proof? Start to learn a little about what is actually inside the DJI, and all the options. Did you buy JUST a DJI frame with brand X internals, or did you the guy sell you a Phantom with proper DJI products. Want more proof, look up your local R/C club…. go there and ask questions about the Phantom. They’ll tell you they love them, why? Because they are a hobbyist product too, TONS of people have them, and TONS of people crash them just as people crash ALLLLL helis and multirotors. They are still a complicated machine and the technology and market is still young for the average no-very-little-about-it commercial market. Canon makes turn key cameras because that is what is needed, as much as we want to play off multi-rotors as turnkey, they aren’t. And it’s not because they don’t fly well or because DJI isn’t a good brand because they are, they’re a great brand. But multirotors are dangerous, a friend of mine (who makes frames for quads) slashed his face and had to get stitches because he pressed a wrong button on his controller. And he’s been flying for two years, multiple times a week at least. So taking up a DJI Phanton in the back woods to get a shot of some land marks it’s probably fine, because at the worse you lose it. But to “photo” a event when you hardly know how to properly set up any part of any of the hardware where there are people around if something were to go wrong, like break a blade, hit a tree, lose power to a motor, press the wrong button on the return to home, set the wrong altitude on the return to home..blow an ESC….etc etc etc… something drastic can go wrong.

  • DeFreerider

    Complete Tool, learn to fly first

  • AdamMcCoyPhotography

    are you seriously that out of touch with wedding videography that you would ask why a drone camera? nothing to do with motivation. esthetic. cool shot and angles. makes the production value go up and it is basically what most people expect. i don’t see why you don’t get this.

  • APai

    wow, that’s one incredible & nice couple! the impact looks pretty rough, but they’ve been great sport!

  • Attila Volgyi

    you write “via Gizmodo” but the link points to Reddit

  • Chris

    I can’t resist…


  • Dr. Fly

    Incorrect. DJI clearly lists the Phantom in its Hobby range in their marketing materials.

  • guest

    Just an FYI… Hobby use is permitted up to about 400′, but ANY commercial use (at any altitude) is currently illegal without a COA. It’s all fun and games until somebody’s quad gets sucked into the engine of a 777 on takeoff.

  • no name

    lol reminds me of how people kill other people in battlefield3 with MAVs …. lol

  • mgooboo mckenzi

    What are you on about most people dont’t expect a drone at there wedding! The drone is a gimmick, it may have some use in photojournalism flying into restricted areas, but at a wedding it would just be a pain in the arse. It’s just an excuse for the photographer to bump on a few extra hundred quid to the bill. What can you actually get from that drone that you can’t on foot besides the one ariel shot and crap shots whizzing past really fast, its not like many churches are gonna let that thing buzz around during the ceremony.

  • mgooboo mckenzi

    how many eyes and ears have u chopped off?!

  • AdamMcCoyPhotography

    again you don’t know what you are writing about. a drone will give you the feel of a more expensive video. it looks like a crane and that adds production value. if you cannot tell the difference between a drone shot and a typical angle on the ground then i do not have anything else to write back to you. you will not accept this as a new way of shooting by calling it a gimmick. people said that about google. they also said digital photography was a novelty idea and not going to replace film. people like you say a lot of things, but are rarely communicate anything worth reading or hearing. tata.

  • Rabby

    The bridge and groom…

  • RedHorseVeteran

    Drone photography at a wedding is ONLY good for B-Roll.

  • David Liang

    That’s one cool couple, I have to say. It could have gone in a whole other direction had they taken offense to it.

  • Tom

    That’s a bridge too far.

  • Hicksonjohn

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  • Teun

    This story is listend under Trending stories (GREATEST HITS).
    * Badum Tish*

  • robinjgraham

    Rubbish. People and their status weddings – “a more expensive video” – so what? Weddings are such a cash cow for those who are prepared to exploit people’s pretensions and sad, status-related wish thinking.

  • anononon….

    this was (as written in the article that only contained 20 sentences tops….) 2 days BEFORE the wedding. were you too lazy to read what the writer wrote?

  • evapors

    I totally agree with you. the same type of people say “we have always done it this way.” those same people get left behind.

  • John L

    Yes, thanks you! If you’re doing a paid job, get to know your equipment first. Don’t do your un-boxing video and then straight to your first paid job with it!

  • Peter_FairMarket

    Drone attack at a wedding shoot. Thanks, Obama!

  • Funduro

    Who was the pilot, Dick Cheney ?

  • UncommonStats™

    They mean videographer.. no photographer would use a GoPro for stills. The author just doesn’t understand the industry and job titles.

  • Ron


  • Anti

    The groom had a full head of hair before the wedding rehersals :)

  • Jeff Pelletier

    I know a few photographers who use a GoPro for stills (as a b-camera), either setup to shoot on interval, or for aerial shots on a drone.

  • Jeff Pelletier

    There are sometimes municipal laws as well that prevent them from being used in public places such as parks. Big grey area for now, but I’m sure a few more accidents and these things will be enforced.

  • Shortshifter

    I see these idiots in my daily work all the time. Despite all the advices and warnings, they seem to be professionals from day one they buy Phantom. Ive trained professional aerial shooting for more than 2 years and I would do such a fast run with Phantom in any conditions – people dont seem to understand even the basics of flying apart from that you can edit the video and speed it up…. unbelievable!

  • Praverb

    ahahahahahahahahahaha this is great. “Trust me I am a professional” hahaha