Filter Fakers Tumblr Exposes Instagram #nofilter Fraud


There are several very popular hashtags that make their way around Instagram daily, and one of them is #nofilter. It’s the hashtag that proclaims to the world that they’re seeing what you saw—no ifs, ands or earlybirds.

But, of course, not everybody that uses the #nofilter hashtag is being honest, and so a Tumblr blog has been created that seeks to expose all of these ‘filter fakers.’

The site is called, appropriately enough, Filter Fakers, and it uses some undisclosed methods to mine for #nofilter photos and put them to the test. If they ‘test positive’ for Rise or Mayfair when they’re clearly labeled as being filter-less, the site posts them alongside info such as the filter used and the username of the offending party.


Taking their mission a bit further, the site also features a Filter Guide and a Faker Catcher. The Filter Guide gives users a run through of the Instagram filters available, complete with descriptions and before and after examples.

The Faker Catcher lets you submit potential fakers by providing a link to the offender’s photograph. The site will check it for you and get back to you with the results.

It’s a simple concept but it seems to be getting quite a bit of attention online. Of course, even they admit that the site can’t detect anything: “We can only catch people using Intagram’s built in filters,” admit site creators Kinda Like a Big Deal. “So if you still want to cheat, use Camera+ or similar apps.”

(via The Verge)

  • whatever

    Not that anyone would care..

  • Mike

    Oh wow, people LIE?!
    On the INTERNET?!

  • Neo Racer

    All those pictures of peoples food!

  • bob cooley

    wow – #whocares

  • Theranthrope

    Doing duckface is probably more shameful.

  • Violeta

    Kinda like “I don’t edit my photos/I don’t use Photoshop”, but from a mobile snapshooter’s side.

  • Igor Ken

    extremely useless and uninteresting.

  • Genkakuzai

    Not unlike the #nofilter tag then ^^

  • padugan

    All photographic integrity is lost the second instagram is downloaded. Does it really matter after that what people lie about? They are already lying to themselves, thinking they are creative by adding a filter achieving the same result a drunken blind man could.