A Look Inside Casey Neistat’s Extremely Efficient Studio Workspace

Casey Neistat is a YouTube filmmaker who has had several of his creations — including this handy guide to not sucking on Instagram — go viral. He’s also the creator of the series The Neistat Brothers on HBO.

His success has made it possible for him to set up the perfect studio situation in his New York workspace, and in this short video series, we get a tour of the extremely organized space where the YouTube magic happens.

The series was put together by Gizmodo, with part one at the top, part two below and part three at the bottom. The studio consists of several specific areas, each organized neatly so that Neistat can always find what he needs.

There’s a workshop section where he keeps all of his tools for building props, organized in such a way that the most frequently used tools are set within arms reach; there’s an incredibly neat wireless setup on the wall that allows him to follow any cable to its source without an issue; and, in case things get crazy, there’s even a section of “studio weaponry.” Thankfully that last section is more of a comedic touch than a necessary one.

We’ll let you see the rest for yourself, but the whole set up is a testament to organization and efficiency. Sure, at times it borders on obsessive (the L-shaped brackets holding up one of his shelves should be corner brackets, and that drives him nuts) but everything he needs is always at the ready.

Check out some of our previous coverage on Neistat to see some of the work he’s put together in this incredibly efficient studio, or head over to his website for more info on the man himself.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Marko Raos

    Dream pad!

  • tomroes

    Casey Neistat is a hero!

  • Adam Cross

    he’s a great guy, been following his videos/stuff for a few years, always view-worthy content.

  • Banan Tarr

    Good stuff.

    Also, I hope I never hear the phrase “go viral” to describe something popular again. But I have a feeling the phrase “go viral” has gone viral itself, so we’re stuck with it now.

  • Robb Mitchell

    And why is so much surface area devoted to the possibly of shooting belligerent pizza delivery guys? Have you met many belligerent pizza delivery guys? An Italian friends informs me that “You wouldn’t believe what people try to pass off as pepperoni!”

  • Daniel Hine

    I love his reliance on physical things as opposed to computer interfaces. That speaker switch was simple but awesome

  • coppelano

    Pretty sure it’s “The Neistat Brothers” not “The Neistat Bothers”;

    “He’s also the creator of the series The Neistat Bothers on HBO.”

  • davewolanski

    I was loving it til he showed off his entire collection of stolen copywritten dvds that he got from netflix and transferred to tape