Photographer ‘Shops His Baby Daughter Into Strange Situations


When Emil Nyström‘s daughter Signhild grows up, she’ll have a number of baby photos showing how adventurous she was as an infant. Since Signhild was less than 1, Nyström has been creating whimsical conceptual photos of the girl in strange situations.

The Umeå, Sweden-based photographer uses clever photography and careful Photoshop work to create the images, which show Signhild doing everything from painting a room in their house to chopping flying fruit as the Fruit Ninja.



Nyström tells us that his ideas come from places at different times. For example, the painting photo above came about when the family decided to have one of their rooms repainted. Shooting the photo involved holding Signhild up and then digitally removing the supporting arms:


The photographs in the series were shot using a Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8, and Sigma 50mm f/1.4.

Here’s what he tells us about shooting the actual photographs:

When shooting a baby like mine, I have to prepare a lot before I shoot, since she is usually not very keen on long working hours. If I get 15 engaged minutes, I’ve had it good. So lights, settings, scenery have to all be in place. Once the baby is on scene, I have to try getting the right facial expression and all the right poses as quickly as possible. Usually I get help from my wife with it. Sometimes when it’s more elaborate we have to have even more people helping. Other then that, there is usually not many problems with these types of shots.








You can find larger versions of these photographs over on Nyström’s website.

(via Phlearn via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Emil Nyström and used with permission

  • Sarah BK

    Adorable and unique! Great set of photographs! Really made me smile :)

  • Frank McKenna

    These pictures are great. I love the scenes and the editing is remarkable.

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  • Ray

    Hmmm hope it really has been shopped ;)

  • Joyce Deter

    lol love it!!

  • ChairmanKaga

    Reminds me of Engledow Art Photography. =D

  • Mansgame

    How refreshing…a photographer who thinks their kid is cute and everybody else will find their kid the most adorable thing ever. This has never been done before. How did this photographer come up with this original idea?

    I mean this guy is some sort of genius using pictures of his kid and I’m not sure if I’m using the term correctly but is it “photoshopping” the kid’s pictures into different scenes that are equally hilarious? The one with the airplane wing is the most creative. I totally thought for a second that the kid was hanging outside. Be careful little baby! Babies don’t belong hanging from airplane wings! So glad it was only a “photoshop” though.

    And the classic kid in the diaper pictures. Wow. That is just museum worthy. I can already smell the feces in that diaper that the parents also find so adorable. Why make your kid wear pants when everybody else can enjoy the smell? I bet at dinner parties at home, they love announcing that “uh oh! baby made a boom boom!” so everybody else can share in their joy!

    For desert, it’s always a treat to watch power point slides of how this bundle of joy came to the world because after all, people really enjoy watching other people’s families give birth just as much as they like seeing pictures of their kids. Is that what the bathtub picture is? Wow, this guy is a genius!

  • sikdave

    What a waste of words.

  • Norshan Nusi

    She’s the fruit Ninja O_O

  • Thatwasfun

    Fantastic sense of humour Mr. Nystrom! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • BBakeca

    Amazing pictures! Excellent work!

  • gaganpreet

    Wow Wow Wow and I can’t stop going Wows for this. That’s such a treasure you have gifted to your baby to cherish his/her whole life. I wish I was as creative as that.

  • Joyce Brewer

    Love this! Crazy creative.

  • jjhunny

    babies are so cute great shots dad