Google Glass Developer Lets His 2-Year-Old Give it a Go, Cuteness Ensues

For now, if you want to get your child’s point of view on anything, the best approach is to mount a helmet cam to their noggin and hope they don’t mind — so far we’ve seen a few cute videos filmed this way. But in the near future, the best way to get your 2-year-old’s point of view may be by handing them a pair of Google Glass glasses.

That’s what developer Chris Angelini did when his 2-year-old came calling for juice. The results are pretty darn cute.

Beyond enjoying the cute (and loud) toddler’s quest for juice, the video does give us a little bit of review info on the Google Glass camera. For one, it seems low light isn’t Google Glass’ strong suit. In the dim kitchen light (and especially given that the little one is staring up at the lights, forcing the glasses to compensate) everything looks pretty dark.


Another noticeable weakness is that there is no image stabilization, a problem that becomes apparent when the video is trying to compete with a toddler’s unsteady gait. And he’s finally “done” with his cool glasses when they start getting hot, a problem Google will definitely have to address given that these things spend a majority of their time on and right next to your face.

All that aside, just like the hide and seek video we shared before, the video’s primary function is get you to go “awww!” while suppressing your abject terror at the thought that he might break a $1,500 pair of glasses.

  • joe

    I’m really upset with the quality of Peta Pixel’s posts recently. I come here for dispassionate writing on the intricacies of obscure professional photography concepts not “feel good” posts that do nothing but make me gush with their subjectivity and wanton displays of adorable behaviour. I feel nothing but content and happiness. I’m going to have to consider visiting this site in the future

  • Totally not Joe

    Here here! I yearn for the days of old, surrounded by reams of excel files and MFT charts. No room for opinions, joy or curiosity. No Sir! And now what do we have? Thought provoking pieces that seem to bridge the between technology and our humanness. A gap many have been eager to see closed. Not me though. no sir. ..

  • Graham

    In case you see this Chris… please do the world a favour and teach your kid some manners. There is nothing wrong with asking them to use a little please and thank you, even if it’s just for some juice. Everybody talks about leaving a better planet for our children, how about leaving better children for our planet? TIA.

  • Phil Hearing

    lighten up

  • Jimbob

    In case you see this Graham…please go to 1:31 of the video, the 2 year old says thank you.

  • Jonathon Watkins

    Umm, did you read either of Joe or Totally not Joe’s posts? :-)

  • Duke Shin


  • Grokular

    Indeed! I came to complain that the things posted are done by amateurs using equipment that is not the most supreme in existence! How can I do that if the amateur is a cute little boy! I simply can’t. THE JOY OVERWHELMS ME.

  • Phli

    Someone didn’t read past the first sentence and missed the joke…

  • Arfdish

    I see no one taught you how to not be a dick.

  • chubbs

    IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAoh hey apple juice, I love juice.

  • Joe


  • Graham

    You’re right, we should be aiming for the absolute minimum and accept that it’s ok. Set the bar low enough and everyone can pass.

  • Sean

    Wow, so based off one 2 minute snippet of their life, you can guess that this child is a terror. He’s 2, and he seems like a very nice kid. No trying to get the juice before it’s ready, no just running off with the glasses, listens and questions the parent about the curious things he is doing. I see this kid as very well behaved and a KID. You are the one that isn’t well-behaved. Being considerate is a simple thing to learn in life, live with kindness and not passing judgement.

  • Sean

    Is it just me or did the dad water down the juice?

  • Phase19

    so what?