A Parody Intro to Adobe Photoshop CC

After Adobe’s Photoshop CC announcement earlier this week, Ryan Chartrand decided to take the Photoshop CC Overview video and make a parody with it. Chartrand’s version contains a feature J.J. Abrams would love.

  • Jason Kessenich


  • Matt

    Kind of lame.

  • -

    Nice, it helps to open the eyes at what they are really telling.

    They add one or 2 interesting things ( that you will probably not use or need for your real creative work anyway ) and make it look revolutionary with that professional presentation, the music the text everything.

  • slvrscoobie

    lol, the lens flare killed me.

  • frsdtfre

    minor updates.. constant payment.. that is what the cloud is all about.
    you have to pay anway.. so why develop new cost intensive features??
    customers will have less influence on the development.. they have to pay anyway….
    and some morons think that is a good idea….

  • Martin

    Excellent. The world needs more flares.

  • django

    Are you going to do one for the new InDesign CC that features a QR generator?

  • Rabi Abonour

    The lens flare joke would be funnier if that “feature” hadn’t already existed in Photoshop for years.

  • Matt

    Does CC stand for “Credit Card”?

  • pete n pete

    The circles thing killed me.