Shooting an Uber Colorful 5K, as Seen by the Camera

The Color Vibe 5K is a run that takes place all over the United States between February and November, benefiting charities and non-profits in each city they stop in. During and after the event, participants get a little crazy and pelt each other with colored powder. By the end of the race, the organizers of the event are proud to call you an “exciting and vivid walking masterpiece.”

On April 20th, a massive crowd of people got together to participate in the Rochester, NY stop of the Color Vibe. Needless to say, an event this colorful is a chance to get some great photos, and so photo editor Anthony Bristol and editor-in-chief John Walthall of the Monroe Doctrine asked photographer Christian Ramirez if he would go to the event.

But rather than send him out there with a digital camera, they asked if he would shoot Color Vibe using a 35mm SLR with Kodak Ektachrome E100S slide film. Not only did he agree, he strapped a video camera to his SLR to capture a POV video of the shoot in action.

Here are some of the shots he got while getting pelted with colored powder:




Color Vibe 5K Rochester, NY




And here’s the man himself, dust mask and all:


To see more from Ramirez and his coverage of Color Vibe, you can visit his website by clicking here.

Image credits: Photographs by Christian Ramirez/Staff Photographer Monroe Doctrine and used with permission.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    RIP camera

  • Trythe1

    But how will I load a new roll! O.o

  • mongzusee3

    all over the country? what country?
    do you have the slightest clue about journalism? or how to write an article?

  • DLCade

    Sorry for the confusion, the post has been fixed.

  • Charles Coleman

    I’ve been asked to do one of these but after seeing that camera…

  • Guest

    Don’t worry since the camera is fill it will be ok
    just clean it after the event.

    Reloading the camera, just go to an area were no one is throwing dust and

    put a new roll in the camera.

    I hope this helps! :-)

  • Guest

    Don’t worry since the camera is 35mm film and not digital

    the camera will be OK. just clean it after the event.

  • Bill

    Did this at another event, called The Color Run, very similar, but not in the thick of the action.
    Still had smurf dust everywhere.

  • Dave

    There are more weather sealed digital cameras than film cameras. Plus, if you use a film camera, there is always the lower quality image you need to deal with………

  • AC

    Lower quality image? How so?

  • Jeffrey Silvers

    poor quality results if you ask me

  • Alec Salisbury

    Who else thought they meant 5K as in resolution? LOL

  • Duke Shin

    Reminds me of the James Nachtwey documentary.

    The Auto white-balance must be screaming with pain.

  • Joey Miller

    His lenses are screwed. We had a bunch of T4i bodies and 10-22 lenses go to one of these, and they all came back with multicolored dust inside all of the lenses. They all had to be dismantled and deep cleaned. If you shoot one of these, seal the crap out of your gear.

  • Stephen James


  • Christian Ramirez

    The camera I use to photograph this event is a Minolta Maxxum 70 with a 28-80mm, and I don’t have any problems with the lens so far, as you can see in the video I did not cover my camera. This SLR is a 35mm full frame and the images take that day are 24 megapixels. This camera is not weather proof but camera are made to be use, and this camera can take and amazing amount of dust, but still i covered with duck tape around the lens mount.


  • Christian Ramirez

    The lens is OK, I just cleaned with a towel after the event. how much did you pay to clean those lenses?

  • Christian Ramirez

    That is funny! but it was a 5 Kilometer race :-)

  • Christian Ramirez


  • Stephen Benson

    Cool. I love Ektachrome.

  • Jey Gifford

    Just shot one of these events. Preparation included a freezer bag, gaffers tape and rubber bands to cover the camera and lens. A damp cloth and serious cleaning of the UV filter yielded happy results. If you do shoot something like this, forget changing lenses. There is no place within 100 yards that doesn’t have a light dusting of colored corn starch floating around.