Seamlessly Flow from Shoulder Strap to Tripod with the Fusion Plate


About a year and a half ago, photographer David Fliger of Fusion Photo Gear found himself in a field, rushing to mount his camera onto a tripod in order to get a shot of a tractor in the fading light. There was only one problem: he already had his sling-style shoulder strap attached via the accessory loop that was sitting where his quick release plate would normally be.

It was a problem he ran into all too often (both used the 1/4″ accessory hole on the bottom of his camera) and one he made up his mind that day that he would solve. That’s when the Fusion Plate was born.


The Fusion Plate is a quick-release plate that features a built-in accessory loop for attaching things like a shoulder strap. When you’re not using the accessory loop, it quickly snaps down flat, allowing you to attach the release plate to a tripod without any messing about with screws.

Fliger created the prototypes in his father’s hobby machine shop, but now that they have something that works, they want to scale up production to a point where they can sell the Fusion Plate at a reasonable price. So, like many inventors before them, they’ve taken to Kickstarter to fund the project.

Here’s the Kickstarter campaign video for the Fusion Plate:

Each Fusion Plate is made from aircraft grade aluminum, color anodized and laser engraved. With 21 days left, the campaign has already reached and surpassed even the stretch goal of $10,000, but if you want to be one of the first to get a Fusion Plate you’ll still want to take advantage and order as soon as possible.


The black Fusion Plate will run you $65, with the Blue and Red costing $68. For now, everyone that orders one will receive it around September, and since Fliger and his father have reached their stretch goal, three lucky pledgers will also receive a free Fusion Plate in addition to the one they’ve already ordered.

Head over to the Fusion Plate Kickstarter to order and/or check out Fusion Photo Gear’s website for more info.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Troy!

  • Michael Palmer

    It’s not as shiny, but haven’t Black Rapid have had a Manfrotto solution for at least a couple of years

  • Tam Nguyen Photography

    This guy clearly hasn’t heard of Manfrotto.

  • Rob

    I’ll stick to my Manfrotto RC1 with my BlackRapid FastenR Tripod ring.

  • Renato Murakami

    Not to bash on the Kickstarter effort, but just a couple of days ago I ordered something that does the same thing on eBay… it’s not aircraft grade aluminium, color anodized or laser engraved, nor it has the neat retractable thinguie though.$(KGrHqVHJFYFCg5RskR1BQtcB1im9!~~60_3.JPG
    About 13 bucks on ebay, with the sling… without it’s even cheaper.

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    You need an allen wrench?!

  • Danny Tang

    I just bought a arca-swiss clamp and attach that to the Blackrapid strap. The quick release plate makes a smooth transition from my strap to tripod and vice versa!

  • Sean McCann

    Looks cool, but here is my BR strap clip after just over a year. This is steel wearing on steel, I would hate to think what this new bracket would look like with steel hinged to an aluminum plate!
    Props for using Arca though.

  • waphoto

    Manfrotto’s Distro just came out with a quick release system to do this exact same thing bringing together a strap mounted quick release, rc2/arcaswiss plate, and black rapid attachment.

  • Mike

    That isn’t the same thing. How do you mount that thing on an arca swiss tripod head? You can’t, it’s just an attachment point for the strap, and a poor one at that.

  • Mike

    Not everyone has a Manfrotto tripod. Like him, I use a RRS BH-55 ball head and have no intention of switching.

  • Bob Rogers

    Will it fit my gitzo ballhead! Looks different. Like the idea very much.

  • All weight on a small pin…

    I keep seeing new ideas for camera straps coming out and not one of them can hold a candle to the Luma Labs Cinch. They revised it slightly for the Cinch 2 to keep up with demand and, while little has changed, I’m glad I got the original Cinch while it was around; it’s perfection.

  • Bruck Assefa

    I don’t have one but by looking at the photo, there’s another set of threads on the bottom so you can just put your own quick release plate under the strap connector.

  • David Fliger

    Hi all this is David Fliger the inventor of the Fusion Plate, I will attempt to address as many questions as possible. Kay the plate will ship with a wrench.

  • David Fliger

    Gitzo makes an adapter that allows their heads to work with an Arca-Swiss plate

  • David Fliger

    Just to address the concern of durability, The pin used has a shear strength of 1100lbs, we have done extensive field and stress testing. We have tested the plate with force that exceeds the weight you would find in real world use. I am very confident that the plate is durable, and will hold up. Luma Labs makes great products. I simply set out to offer a solution to a problem. Thank you!

  • David Fliger

    Yes but they have not presented a solution for users of Arca-Swiss style heads.

  • David Fliger

    Hi Tam, I have heard of Manfrotto, I used to use a manfrotto system before Switching to Arca-Swiss. One of the problems I have with the strap solution for manfrotto plates is that the strap still applies force directly to the attachment screw. I have had personal experience with the manfrotto plate coming loose, Luckily I caught it before the plate screwed off completely. The design of the Fusion Plate removes that force from the attachment screw. In over a year of field testing (multiple plates with different testers) we have not seen issues with the plate coming loose. Obviously with any attachment point you should periodically check to assure it is secure.

    We truly appreciate all the support we have received. Thank you

    David Fliger

  • chphotovideo

    lol “its takes an allen wrench?!” Those are pretty common, plus once the plate is attached, why would you need to remove it? Great idea David, wishing you the best with this project. I do love my blackrapid fold down D-ring and hope you develop something to address the many people who use RC2 plates.

  • Zachery Jensen

    Non-starter as it is not a camera-specific snugly fitting L-plate. Seriously, I can’t go back to having my camera hanging sideways off balanced just to shoot in portrait orientation.

    Anyway, it’s not a problem, just get this: and connect your strap however works best. I recommend, if you put the FastenR or similar thing in there that you use a little loctite on the threads to really keep it secure.

    So no need to trust some unknown kickstarter, no need to ditch your favorite arca compatible camera plate, and no reason to have a delay in putting your camera on the tripod.

  • chubbs

    Oddly enough, I have one of these and I’m in need of the opposite. I need a loop that screws into my tripod socket and ISN’T a plate. So if someone knows where I could buy just a loop, tell me, because I need one.

  • Mike

    That would defeat the whole purpose of this product.

  • junyo

    Not sure what problem this solves exactly. I’ve been running Arca Swiss QR plates on a BR sling for a couple of years with Benro hollow base plates and low profile folding loop screws. Solid as a rock and like $25 in parts from B&H.

  • Procentjetwintig

    I like my m-plate pro more. This thing here still requires me to detach my strap. The m-plate just leaves everything attached.

  • Ilker Sen

    Care to give links or product numbers?

  • Jackson

    I am using Custom SLR’s M-plate pro with a sunsniper strap, works with Manfrotto RC2 and Arca swiss QR. There’s no disconnecting/reconnected involved, so less wear and tear. Have been using it for several trips and it works flawlessly.

  • Rob G.

    The concept iand design is great. I love the colors a nd the thin profile as compared to the 3 legged things mount. Only thing missing is the bottle opener on the end.