The iFlashDrive is a Thumb Drive for Your iOS Devices


As a photographer, it would be nice if you could always have your portfolio in your pocket so that you can show prospective customers your work right away. And even though there are portfolio websites that will allow you to display your work on your phone, you’re not always around a solid data connection; and keeping your work on your phone isn’t a good idea either, since high-res photos fill up a 16GB iPhone hard drive before you know it.

Thankfully, there’s another option. Keep them on the i-FlashDrive by PhotoFast. A thumb drive that plays nice with both computers and iOS devices, this little guy can store either 8GB or 16GB and will allow you to keep any photos or other data easily accessible and in your pocket without taking up space on your phone.


The i-FlashDrive is a dongle that pairs a 30-pin or lightning connector on one side with a USB connector on the other. It then uses a free app to allow you to upload, transfer or view files directly off the drive itself. As far as compatibility is concerned, it supports the BMP, TIF, TIFF, XMB, GIF, ICO, CUR, JPG and PNG photo formats.

The only real downside is that owners of newer iDevices will either be forced to buy the larger 16GB with lighting connector included, or choose the 8GB and purchase the $30 adapter separately from Apple. Still, it’s a cool idea that seems like it should have been done before now.

If you wanna snag one for yourself, you can head over to Photojojo’s store and buy either the 8GB 30-pin drive for $100 or the 16GB lighting connector drive for $150.

  • nmelcam

    Or you can buy and Android device and purchase a 32GB MicroSD for under $20 on ebay or HighSpeed 64GB MicroSD for some models that support it like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note Series :-)

  • Techgeek22

    Is society so shallow the continue to buy iDevices for superficial reasons? You can’t tether shoot or manage files between iDevice and wireless hard drives or edit raw files… Without these crazy add on hardware… On android you can find apps to do this without crazy hardware in between.

  • valerie

    Or you just use lower res photos on your lower res phone screen. I mean, seriously? High res? Why?

  • Mehmet Kıvanç Özel

    Even Symbian had support for good old flash drives

  • agour

    some people just like to spend more money on an inferior product

  • Damian Scisci

    $150 for a 16gb drive! Yes, thank god this exists. I echo what everyone else has said about Android devices. An iFool and his money are easily parted.

  • Mike

    I see lots of port to port action in the future.

  • Swade

    Then you’d have to have an Android. Screw that.

  • striker

    I agree. Androids are far inferior.

  • gantonr

    crazy apple fans )))

  • InTheory

    Are you so full of yourself that you never bothered to learn that people who have Macs prefer iOS devices because of the simplicity of syncing and streaming since everything is made by the same company? And what deep thoughtful person you must be to get your rocks off by going to an article regarding an accessory you’d never buy just to insult people. I envy people with such fulfilling lives.