Photos of Massive Underground Caverns Being Dug Under NYC


It’s obvious that building a subway station would consist of digging a very large artificial cavern under the earth, but actually seeing one in progress is pretty incredibly. And thanks to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Flickr stream, we can.

The MTA of New York has been building the Second Avenue Subway’s future 86th Street Station for some time now, and they’re keeping the public up to date on the stations progress through photos courtesy of photographer Patrick Cashin.

Here are a few of those photos:






These caves are being dug roughly 100 feet below street level, weaving under, over and around pipelines, other subways lines and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel that links Manhattan and Queens. It’s a massive undertaking that you can follow in pictures by clicking here.

(via Boing Boing)

Image credits: Photographs by Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Patrick Cashin

  • waphoto

    these all look like unfinished video game graphics. the texturing isnt quite there

  • lenslocker

    I love seeing these underground pictures, pretty amazing really!

  • RP

    Impressive! Although, I’m more impressed with the amazing engineering of digging a massive tunnel under Manhattan than these pictures.

    I understand the need for HDR in these pictures, but the tone-mapping is so over the top that the pictures are flat and lack texture.

  • Ingemar Smith

    It’s so wild seeing a city build infrastructure. The suburbs are so worried Black people will benefit from their tax dollars that nothing public of any scale is ever constructed here in Atlanta. Glad to see New York isn’t as cruel.

  • junyo

    No, New York just engages in wholesale violations of the 4th Amendment rights of minorities and police brutality to make Manhattanites feel safer.

    But hey, the pictures are cool.

  • brandon

    just the government taking money from one group of people and giving/building stuff for others. like that sweet free ferry they have there. just what the government was deigned to do…. er, wait. well, don’t worry in time when the thing is paid for with tolls the tolls will end. what? the tolls will never recoup the building? hmmm. well, how about bridges. those tolls were to end when the bridges are paid off, and then only repair fees would be accessed. but the tolls never end with them, and bridges are usually a massive money maker. hmmm….

  • Neil AUTY

    Nice pics. Capturing rock and shotcrete is an art as they both seem to suck up light…

  • john smith

    new York the next sink hole capital of the world……

  • john smith

    looks like a manmade death trap to me.

  • john smith

    I hope they put in underground police stations/roads or this is going to be one big trafficking tunnel.