Sea Lion Pup Jumps Into Diver’s Kayak, Makes for Great Photo Op

Have you ever wanted to get pics of cute sea lion or seal pups up close? Well, your best bet may be to grab your kayak or surf board and paddle out — camera in hand. Scuba diver Rick Coleman discovered this on a recent dive trip off the coast of Southern California.

Just as he was getting ready to jump into his kayak and head home, a sea lion pup jumped up and sat himself (or herself) down on his bow. Even after Coleman eventually pushes the pup back into the water, the little guy jumped right back in. We’re just glad he had his GoPro running the entire time.

And in case you’re still skeptical of this as a great way to get up close and personal with the curious creatures, here’s another video that recently went viral, this one by photographer Ethan Janson. He hooked up a GoPro to one of his old windsurfing boards and then tied the board to a buoy:

This one was shot at Three Tree Point on the Puget Sound and playfully titled Seal Pup Slip n’ Slide. (For the sake of clarity, it’s worth noting that these are seal pups, while the little guy in Coleman’s kayak was a sea lion).

(via Fstoppers)

  • Michael Spotts

    And I thought there was nothing to see while night diving. Great video.

  • Sean McCann

    I think it would be pretty scary…It was probably fleeing a hunting shark or orca!

  • Heath

    Exactly what I was thinking; he’s probably getting into the kayak to get away from something bigger…

  • Dominik Muench

    serious ??? If you havent done It give it a try, night diving is an absolutely amazing experience, you’d be surprised how much is going on in the ocean at night.

  • Guest

    why would this be scary? it’s really awesome to dive with sharks and orcas (never had the chance to do it with orcas but i already did dives with 100+ sharks (several of them nightdives, two with ~100 – 150 nurse sharks and a bunch of sting rays) – one of the most amazing things to do!)

  • Sean McCann

    Nurse sharks don’t eat sea lions, or people.

  • Gosia

    The baby sea lion is just sooooo cute as a stowaway :) The way it jumped into the cayak for the second time made me and my children laugh our heads off!

  • Ajmal Abdullah

    i can’t click on the video to play. why?

  • K G

    First off, this guy appears to be night diving far offshore by himself which is effing nuts. Second, what does this this have to do photography? Anything captured with a GoPro is now considered photography?

  • Minn

    Can be quite dangerous. There have been cases where people get capsized by seals defending their territory. Especially if there is young ones nearby.