Nikon D600 Gets 100% HDMI Output with New Firmware Update


When Nikon launched the D600, the DSLR was advertised as being on par with the Nikon D800 in the realm of video recording. There was soon grumbling, however, when owners noticed that HDMI output from the camera was crippled: there were black bars around the frame that weren’t present in D800 footage. People immediately began pointing fingers at Nikon, accusing the company of intentionally hamstringing the D600 in various ways so that it wouldn’t cannibalize sales of the D800 too badly.

Well, Nikon heard the complaints, and has now addressed them by releasing a firmware update for the D600 that does away with the black bars.

Here’s some sample footage showing the cropped frame of Nikon D600 video output:

The new C: 1.01 firmware update includes a number of fixes and adjustments to the camera (e.g. compatibility with certain lenses, improvement subject tracking, and small quirks that users have reported), but the main one is the 100% HDMI output:

Frame output size has been changed from 95% to 100% when movie live view display is changed to “Information off” and an HDMI-compatible device is connected.

Nikon no longer needs to disclose the problem in a subtle way on the D600's product page.

Nikon no longer needs to disclose the problem in a subtle way on the D600’s product page.

Nikon has also announced new firmware updates to the D800 and the D800E. The main fix with those cameras addresses a bug that caused exposure preview to always be on when shooting in live view and in manual mode. This would cause LCD screens to go dark when aperture was stopped down.

Some people were expecting the D600 firmware to fix a bug that prevents aperture from being changed during live view video recording, but that fix didn’t show up in the update. The same issue reportedly happens on the Nikon D7100 as well. If this is something that has been frustrating you, you’ll have to cross your fingers and hope Nikon addresses it in the next firmware update cycle.

Image credit: Nikon D600 Back View by n4rwhals

  • DC Reels

    Awesome. Hey, looking at you now Canon. A-hem.

  • CrackerJacker

    Right? When in April was that 5D Mk III firmware update supposed to show up?

  • me

    When will a firmware update come to Nikon and add a timer when using Bulb?!?!..
    That would be useful.

  • harumph

    So this was only an issue for people who shoot video tethered to an external monitor? Do a lot of people do that? (Actual non-snarky question.)

  • Jesse

    Yes, a lot of people do that. However this fix actually is more for people who record the signal coming out of the HDMI. Previously you’d be recording those black bars.

  • browncow

    Will the firmware fix the internal dust problem?

  • Marco Rabadan

    You can connect the camera to an external recorder like an aja ki pro and record straight to pro-res 422. Superior for editing and grading. and we have the latitude of a 4:2:2 color space rather than a 4:2:0.
    It’s a real Editing Codec….Now only if Canon would do this….where are you canon. we need clean HDMI out

  • Rui Nelson Magalhães Carneiro

    Ahmen to that

  • Mansgame

    Glad they fixed the HDMI issue, but the aperture issue makes no sense at all if Nikon wants to be taken seriously in the video world. Even the most basic Canon DSLR’s of the last few years let you do that.

  • Joshua Morrison

    That was fixed after the first batch, and all customers who had issues
    were able to apply for a replacement provided they bought their product
    through an athorised Nikon dealer.

  • Pyr

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re not going to see manual aperture control in live view via a firmware update. The aperture/shutter arm assembly is completely different on the D600 than the D800 and it is a mechanical impossibility. The plus side is that the mechanical control allows you to use older lenses since it’s not an electronic aperture so best advice is to buy non-‘G’ lenses and adjust aperture manually.

  • Cs

    This is exactly the case. Anything other than D800 or D4 will not be able to drive aperture in LiveView as those models are missing the mechanism to do so, hence it is physically impossible.

  • Scritti Politti

    Hey, be glad Nikon has the common sense to include an intervalometer. Canon STILL doesn’t, and their overpriced piece-of-shit external timer has a 99-shot limit (in total-number-of-shots mode).

  • Scritti Politti

    With Canon totally off the rails and releasing one baffling and poorly implemented product after another, Nikon has a real opportunity here.

  • Scritti Politti

    For that grossly overpriced camera…

  • shane

    the d600 is amazing!