Clever Fashion Photographs in the Style of Picasso Paintings


Madrid, Spain-based photographer Eugenio Recuenco shot a series of fashion photographs that pay homage to Pablo Picasso’s paintings.

The models are dressed similarly to the outfits seen in the cubist works, and the photographs are further post-processed and composited to look surreal. Random lines drawn on the face and fake eyeballs complete the look for some of the imitations.








You can find more of Recuenco’s work over on his website.

(via Feature Shoot)

Image credit: Photographs by Eugenio Recuenco and used with permission

  • gerfa


  • Stan

    Looks cool. I imagine he used mirrors in some of those shots?

  • calitch

    fashion designers should not had been involved in this

  • harumph

    These are beautiful. The painted eyeballs were a mistake though. It just looks like bad horror movie makeup. I love the rest though.

  • Tony L.

    looks like a very average execution. Maybe one should actually understand the motive behind Picasso’s work and try to incorporate that. Instead of just the surface level understanding.

  • harumph

    I’m curious as to what you imagine that would look like. If somebody understood the motive behind Picasso’s work and tried to incorporate that?

  • macramillion

    Pity the photographer didn’t actually understand cubism, this could have been done a lot better.

  • Tile Spin

    Thinking outside the box… or in this case, the cube (as in cubism).