Directed, Edited, Written, Acted, Scored, and Produced by Shane Carruth


Think it’s difficult to juggle multiple aspects of your photography business? If you want to see an example of a highly motivated creative individual, check out what American filmmaker Shane Carruth has been up to in the film industry.

In 2004, Carruth released the indie sci-fi movie Primer. It had a ridiculously low budget of $7,000, and went on to gross over half a million dollars and gather a large cult following.

Here’s the trailer of the film:

It’s not just the budget that sets the movie apart, but how much of a role Carruth had in every aspect of the movie’s creation. Check out the credits for the film:


That movie was released back in 2004. Later this year, Carruth — now a pretty well-known director — will be releasing a new science fiction movie titled Upstream Color. Due to the success of his prior project, he could likely command a pretty large budget and production team.

Here’s the official trailer for the film:

Turns out Carruth is content with doing everything himself. Here’s what the credits for Upstream Color will look like:


Quite impressive. The film will hit theaters in early April 2013, and has been fantastic reviews so far from critics.


P.S. The entire soundtrack for the film (composed by Carruth) is now available for listening on SoundCloud:

  • Vlad Dusil

    Crazy talented guy. Amazing what a person can do with the proper amount of dedication and passion!

    I remember watching Primer years ago and my mind has still not quite recovered from being f’ed and twisted so hard. Great cult flick!

  • Adam

    Primer (in my personal opinion) is hands down the most exceptional [avoiding spoilers] movie in its genre. Required watching – three times. Decidedly a cult success.

  • hugh crawford

    Shane Carruth also was credited with “Special Thanks” on the film “Looper”
    I hope that is not a spoiler…

  • Jake

    Agreed about Primer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a toned-down, realism-based setup for such a insanely convoluted sci-fi movie. The low budget prohibiting any fancy special effects or big production value was definitely used to an advantage in setting the tone. And last I checked, you can watch the whole movie on Youtube.

  • Brian Grady

    Oh god dammit, now I have to start writing again, way too inspiring not too.

  • Logan

    Upstream Color was shot on a GH2, if what i’ve heard is correct.