Photographs of Commonly Paired Foods Bound Together With String


Nashville, Tennessee-based food photographer Kyle Dreier has a curious project titled Pairings. The main theme of the photographs can be summarized with the questions: “What food really go well together?” and “What are the stereotypical food pairings?” Dreier finds a good and a drink that are commonly consumed together, binds them together with some string, and shoots a photo of the pairing.

Dreier tells us that the whole thing is a personal project that started with the idea of showing traditional pairings in an unusual way. Each of the photographs is a non-manipulated image showing the two foods bound together. Dreier did all the food styling and rigging himself.

On the technical side of things, the photographs were shot using a medium format camera (an Arca-Swiss Monolith) and a PhaseOne P40+ digital back.








Oh, and just in case you were wondering: “No innocent brownies were harmed in the making of these photos,” Dreier tells us.

Pairings by Kyle Dreier (via mashKULTURE)

Image credits: Photographs by Kyle Dreier and used with permission