Satire: How to Be a Photographer in Four Simple Lessons


Looking to jump into a particular genre of professional photography? Instead of shelling out money and time for lessons, workshops, and/or internships, check out the handbook, “How to be a Photographer in Four Lessons.” Written by Brussels-based photographer Thomas Vanden Driessche, it offers the basic gist of how you can instantly become great in contemporary photography, war photography, conceptual photography, and more!

Okay, okay… the whole thing is a tongue-in-cheek project designed to give you a laugh. It’s still funny seeing various photography stereotypes listed out officially, though. Enjoy!











You can also read the entire handbook over on Driessche’s personal website. You can also find more of his photography work on picturetank and through Out Of Focus.

Image credits: Photographs by Thomas Vanden Driessche and used with permission

  • Buffoon


  • TylerIngram

    I get bonus points for actually having a 35mm SLR that was “Made in the USSR” eh? Nice!

  • Owen Mack

    very clever promotional piece!

  • Strelok

    Dang! I thought all those war photographers are Nikon guys. This ruined my life. Dammit!

  • Samcornwell

    That is actually a really neat photo book. A bit more substance and less promotion and it could probably get a publisher.

  • bgrady413

    I couldn’t read an entire page of this, so I am guessing it wasn’t important, also words were lost totally sporadically throughout, so I am guess those aren’t important either.
    I am glad beards are well represented though.

  • Day Made Marisa

    Made my day.

  • Ed Lau

    I have lenses that were made in the USSR. Close enough?

  • 写真家

    I’d put my Jupiter-8 up against my Summicron anytime.

  • Hanselbeck

    My country was under occupation by the USSR for 40 years (from 1945 to 1991).

    In Hungary you can find USSR made lenses and cameras at every vintage store for few coins. Original Leica camera and lens copies around 50 dollars? No problem. The soviet red army steal all Leica factories from Germany (yes… the entire factories from the smallest screw to the last brick). So the copies was made with the original tools and instruments.

  • michael_visser

    Hilariously funny and way too true…

  • Duke Shin

    Is strong and work in field like loyal Cossack wife!
    Not like flimsy fascist German Leica who is foolish enough to fight us in our motherland in winter!

  • Phacetious Plebbe

    You need a new set of eyes then.

  • Phacetious Plebbe

    This was a very nice detour from the world of depression we often find ourselves in the middle of. Good work.