Teen Arrested for Bullying Others Using Hurtful Instagram Photos


A 15-year-old boy in Colorado has been arrested for cyber-bulling using Instagram. He is being charged with five counts of third-degree harassment for allegedly downloading photographs of his classmates from Facebook and then uploading them to an anonymous Instagram account with hurtful captions attached.

The unnamed young man, a student at Ralston Valley High in Arvada, Colorado, had allegedly created a “burn book” Instagram account (the term is from the movie Mean Girls) and used photographs to harass five of his peers.



While it’s unknown what most of the captions stated (the account @rvhsbb has since been wiped from Instagram), CBS Denver reports that one of them read “Drunken Fool.” The other comments were reportedly derogatory and inappropriate in nature.

Here’s the local news station’s short report on the case:

Although the boy kept the account anonymous, Arvada police officer Jill McGranahan says that they were able to locate the individual using his IP address.

(via CBS Denver via CBS News)

Image credits: Screenshots taken from report by CBS 4 Denver

  • Nathan Blaney

    So that old “sticks and stones” saying is right out the window then?

  • Anonymousity

    Bullies are sad and pathetic.

  • Slimas Read

    Soon he’ll be in the slammer, and find out the real meaning of “Instant Upload”

  • tymerones

    Im confused, someone can get arrested for making fun of another? And they wonder why these kids grow up and they are depressed. When you baby someone there whole life and tell them, you are always a winner, and no one can make fun of you, and you will never lose as long as you tryed, here’s a trophy for just being there. They grow up and realize life is not fair, life is hard. then they off themselfs or take others down with them. THE END.

  • photosforus

    Confused? Sounds like you have it all figured out. What I’m confused about is why this is on petapixel.

  • Rhymenoserous

    It has to do with pictures and an photo-sharing app. How is this confusing?

  • brandon

    so was this bullying or just making fun of others? if the day has come when i can’t make fun of others, i’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands.

  • fmfm

    Sounds like something a drunken fool would say. :D

  • Scott M.

    Show some damn pictures or it is a boring read.

  • abc

    sew the Avada police! The kid has the of freedom of speech. Maybe he infinged copyright law. Everything gone wrong!

  • fmfm

    I think people would be confused if you tried to sew the police.

  • abc

    sorry, typo! SUE

  • fmfm

    LOL alls cool.

  • Shawn

    So much for freedom of speech.

  • Jake

    Free speech doesn’t extend to harassment, any more than it extends to libel or hate speech. There are rules here, Smokey.

  • Duke Shin

    Your English hurts.

  • jeremysexton

    I mean… it’s a dick move, but how is this illegal?

  • YouAreNotAnArtist

    Arrested? ARRESTED???!!!

    The wuss-ification of America continues to get worse by the day.

  • Matt

    Wuss-ification? You supprt bullying?

  • Matt

    Maybe when he posted it on the web for everyone to see?