Why We Did, In Fact, Land on the Moon: A Photography-Based Proof

One of the most vehemently argued conspiracy theories of all time is that, in 1969, NASA did not actually land on the moon. Many different breakdowns of the photo and video footage have been used to make this point (think: flag waving, missing stars, etc), leading most conspiracy theorists to argue that the great Stanley Kubrick actually filmed the moon landing in a television studio.

Writer/Director S.G. Collins, however, disagrees — and he’s got the photographic/videographic reasoning to prove it. Fair warning, Mr. Collins does drop the occasional curse word throughout the video and the humor may be a bit dry for some people’s tastes, but he does offer fairly conclusive evidence to back up his point: while the technology to land on the moon did exist in ’69, the technology to fake it did not.

(via Fstoppers)

  • SpaceMan

    The more these conspiracy delusions are discussed/disproven, the more it taints one of the greatest achievements in human history. Move on people, nothing to see here

  • Fra Lippi

    It’s a fun and interesting video, especially if you’re curious about what film/movie technology was like in the late 60s. But it’s not going to convince anyone who thinks
    the moon landings were faked. Trying to convince a completely irrational person of the truth by appealing to reason and facts is almost always doomed to failure.

  • @@@**@*

    as someone who works in government, it amazes me the credit that conspiracy theorists give to us to achieve a hoax of this magnitude, especially since we struggle to make a difference in any other field (not though lack of trying though)

  • Dov Hechtman

    Awesome and brilliant!!!!!!!

  • Tommy Sar

    Why is it that those why deny the lunar landings are Americans? No other countries deny this. Not even the Russians, who back then had every reason to call out any shenanigans made by the US during the space race, deny the lunar landings but affirmed it themselves.

  • Jared Monkman

    As much as I agree it was a great achievement, I’m unsure what you mean by saying disproving conspiracies taint this great achievement. I think the opposite is true?

  • Syuaip

    thanks for sharing.. great one. great one.

  • SpaceMan

    When you give the deluded too much attention, this can start to validate their claims. A proper debate is one where both sides have valid claims based on evidence and facts

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Comes up in the UK, too. There was a poll back in 2009 wherein “A quarter of Britons believe the Apollo 11 mission moon landings in 1969 were a hoax.” The Telegraph: Apollo 11 hoax: one in four people do not believe in moon landing.

  • Lukas Prochazka

    i was laughing so hard when he was explaining how would they do it on 35 mm film hahaha

  • Tommy Sar

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

  • Michael H Anderson

    I think it’s safe to say that there is no developed nation on earth where the bulk of mental illness so routinely goes undiagnosed and untreated as the USA, and where mistrust of any authority other than the little voices in one’s head is so culturally ingrained; a quick surf through some of the more popular Youtube conspiracy videos is proof enough. What a pity.

  • Michael H Anderson

    Britons emulating Americans, absorbing the global Internet culture of delusion and paranoia.

  • tttppp

    Brilliant, simply brilliant! It’s high time someone with a bit of brainwork – not to mention impeccable wit – came along and mopped the floor with the pinhead conspiracy nutcase set.

  • Tom

    That was really well done! I love his dry sense of humor.

  • Ameer Gittens

    Prove it to me by repeating it. Someone *else*, please. Anyone else. The US cannot be believed about anything, ever.

  • TBag

    Very true. Like trying to have an intelligent conversation with a devout religious person about evolution…. or that it’s all a made up load of nonsense to enstill fear and controll the masses

  • Tbag

    Hahahaha, you’re exactly the moron everyone here’s talking about!!!! Re watch the video meat head, and listen to what he says instead of the little voices in your head. He’s not talking CG, he’s talking about literal logistics and his points are rock solid.

  • David Wilson

    If you look at his other posts you’ll see that he’s clearly living in a world where no one has every challenged his beliefs, or if they have, he’s disregarded them wholly. The idiocy contained within his comments says that any attempts to engage him will likely end with your head hitting a desk.

  • lilbear68

    we may or may not have done an actual moon landing but i maintain that we cant do a repeat today

  • Bartolomeo Vanzetti

    A whole lot of group think going on in this comment section. Anyone ever see 2001 A Space Odysey?

  • Matt

    Gay Turtle Hat

  • Steve

    This makes perfect sense. But what about the film surviving the environment of space?

  • bluemold

    Mythbusters had a terrific episode that clearly discounted all of the popular hoax ideas.

  • Brian Clark

    what about the one picture you can clearly see the back drop of pure vastness, I mean come on it can’t be any clearer than that, it was faked. I mean that is just nonsense people. And those dots as well, just holes with light coming through.

  • Truthe Harrison

    The fact that it was technically impossible to land on the moon at that time and how they will never explain this, is why we know it was faked. That, and we refuse to go back and we cite radiation and a myriad of other issues as to why, dispite our technology being what it is now compared to when we “landed”. See, it’s smart to be the human that can see truth without needing debate big guy. Wake up some. Someone who thinks we landed on the moon can not prove it, whereas those who believe we didn’t have all the evidence anyone could ever need, along with common sense. Humans, notably those in power, know how to remove reasonable doubt from important circumstances. You are a victim of someone who has listened to them explain that there is no reason for you to doubt it, and you believe it. You respond exactly how they plan on you responding. It’s those who realize there is bullshit going on, that are reacting differently then they hoped. It’s unfortunate though that these people have to deal with people like you, who have no proof, and just take peoples word for it and love to argue and s**t on people who don’t believe it. It’s sad how much common sense and objectivity is lost these days in complacent individuals such as yourself.

  • Bill

    Tbag is right. The same type of people ruining this country, all ove rhte internet spouting bulls**t and trying to make people unobjective and complacent. Move along with your bulls**t. You can’t prove we landed, but we prove all the time that we didn’t. It is you that is irrational. You are the one that refuses to look at irrefutable evidence. We study it. We learn from it. We see facts. Your sh**tting on religion when your own belief system regarding this is exactly like religion. No one can tell you different and you are just positive you are correct. Exactly the same as a religious person. Common. It really is sad though that you think like that, and hopefully within the last 11 months you’ve woken the hell up.

  • Bill

    A hoax of this magnitude? Do you understand the capabilities of our movie studios and of stanley kubrick during that time? I dont give a s**t if you work for the governemrt. I know lots of f***ing idiots who work for the government. Makes no difference. The government operates on levels, levels you will never attain, and so the truth is just as far from you as it is from anyone else. Was there a space race going on? Where we trying to back russia off? had we lost the race to put something in orbit? Could we make a set that looked exactly like the moon? Did we have a good reason to? The answer to them all is yes. It is you who just sits there, reads nothing, refuses to dig, and just believes what you are told, that is irrational. Wake up to what humans are capable of doing, and how humans are capable of removing doubt, like they have from you, when it comes to situations like this. The fact that this isn’t common sense to you just shows your level of ignorance. I hope you don’t work in any important part of the government. I feel for us.

  • Bill

    If by culture of delusion and paranoia you mean culture of observation and evidence based cautiousness then yes, you are correct. Man the ignorance here is astounding.

  • Bill

    except it doesnt mop any floor with anything, or prove anything, because it can’t. When something is faked, it can’t be proven to be true, hence the fact that it has and never will be proven. Move along idiot.

  • Bill

    If we can’t do it now, we couldn’t of done it then. Wake up.

  • Bill

    I see after 6 months, none of the jaded complacent idiots here have tried to refute your point because they can’t. They are off believing whatever else they are being told.

  • Bill

    so they put together a show that explained how it was not a hoax, yet they provided no evidence, they speculated the entire time and never came to a conclussion. That is not discounting something. That’s called explaining how they have no idea.

  • lilbear68

    obviously you missed out on a lot but I have to follow mark twains advise
    never argue with the stupid, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience

  • DaveP

    Excellent and compelling video, without even having to get in to things like the fact that amateur radio astronomers were able to track Apollo’s telemetry to a certain extent… enough of an extent that it would be as hard to fake as would just going to the moon.