Creative Conceptual iPhone Photographs by Instagram Shooter Brock Davis


If you’d like to receive a regular injection of photographic inspiration, you should consider following along with photographer Brock Davis’ Instagram feed. The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based artist regularly shoots conceptual photos with his iPhone that have the same creative touch as photographs Davis shoots for major commissions.














Davis is the same photographer who created a series of photographs showing famous explosions recreated with cauliflower. You can find more examples of his work over on his personal website.

Brock Davis on Instagram (via InspireFirst)

Image credits: Photographs by Brock Davis

  • gnalpp

    All that I can really see here is stock photography.

  • Albert Zablit

    care to elaborate?

  • Brett

    I’d say he certainly has a good eye for some crazy lighting. These look great, and look like fun to make.

  • Killer

    Your an a hole. It’s really creative stuff.

  • Ray Liu

    Very creative!

  • #payphoneography

    Fun collection

  • Sid Ceaser

    Awesome. Feel free to show us your super awesome creative photographs. Don’t worry, we all don’t mind waiting.

  • Samcornwell

    Created with the iPhone camera? Exceptional work, sir.

  • de1irium

    I don’t get why people are still surprised by creative photographers making good photos with iPhones. There are photogs out there still using 10D’s and D100’s, but we don’t prefix them as “Creative 10D Photographs by Lightroom Shooter So N. So”

  • Samcornwell

    Well the sensor on an iPhone is the size of a flea, the lens is several hundred, if not thousands of times smaller than Canon SLR lenses. It’s a phone, not a camera. Besides, I wasn’t so much impressed with the creativity behind the pictures, more so the quality of them.

  • Joey Duncan

    But that’s photoshop for you, there’s probably a bit of clean up. Also, you have to consider you are use to seeing Instagram photos shot in poor lighting by drunk people, flip those elements, especially the amount of present lighting and you end up with a MUCH nicer photo. Aside from that for the same reason photos from the 70s are really nice in their standard form, the tiny bit of noise and in accuracy adds a lot of depth to the photo, allows you to take the photo “as is” rather than criticizing the “quality” because it was shot on a much nicer picture.

  • Samcornwell

    Exactly. Exceptional work.

  • lidocaineus

    This is an argumentative fallacy; please don’t use this in the future. While it’s true that gnalpp is a total tool and didn’t express himself properly with any reasoning, you shouldn’t require him or any other person to produce any work to criticize this or other pieces.

  • DamianM

    In my college we had to create such images for the purpose of stock photography.

    Stock is boring sometimes but the stuff that sells is actually in the ballpark of the above images.

    All of you that are offended should look into this because hes is right, truthfully it is stock photography.

  • DamianM

    oh and i didn’t read that it says this is the kind of work he does for commission… i.e Stock.

  • Bono

    It is very creative in routine life. :)

  • David Corle

    Awesome work. The leaf hamburger was great!