Portraits of People Who Look Alike But Aren’t Related At All

Canadian photographer François Brunelle is fascinated with the human face and the question of whether everyone has a doppelganger somewhere on Earth that looks exactly like them. For years now, he has been working on a project called I’m Not a Look-Alike!, which features portraits of people who look like identical twins but aren’t actually related at all. Brunelle looks for subjects whose faces are so similar that their close friends might have trouble telling them apart.

Once he’s in the studio with the look-alikes (which is often the first time the two subjects meet), Brunelle shoots simple black-and-white studio portraits of them in order to draw attention to the faces (rather than things like clothing and hair color).

Brunelle himself is a look-alike: he is regularly told that he looks just like actor Rowan Atkinson, who’s famous for playing the character Mr. Bean.

Brunelle’s goal is to capture 200 look-alikes and then turn the photographs into a book and exhibition. He has traveled all over the world in search of the subjects, and has received countless tips through his website since his project became widely publicized in the mid-2000s.

Image credits: Photographs by François Brunelle and used with permission

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  • vic

    great project !!!

  • A

    you are doing the same here aren’t you?

  • martina irish

    I am really impressed with your photographs! I would like to send you my photo because i hav been told that i have a twin because i look EXACTLY like someone they know. Let me know where i can send it and thank you again for this great article!
    To everyone else, what do you think about “cloning”?

  • Me

    But my version has Linsday Lohan! #Iwin

  • Israel

    How much harder/easier would it be to do this in and Asian country e.g. China?

  • Lee Mullen

    Not that similar! Author needs an eye test!

  • laquana james

    I have a look alike where i live if you want to visit me.

  • kaya zuck

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  • elson

    The first pic looks like Paul McCartney and Gotye.

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  • Chelsea Jo

    Sister, Sister was with Tia and Tamara Mowry. The one with LIndsay Lohan was Parent Trap

  • The guy

    Some of these people don’t look anything alike at all, they’re just dressed the same.

  • Bill McKenzie

    Who remembers the Seinfeld episode?

  • B Hartman

    Consider this. I have a picture of my 2nd GGrandfather, and we are strikingly similar. I have had people come up to me and mistake me for someone they knew in another part of the country, In the Army I had a kid who was always getting in trouble and I was catching a lot of flak for his behavior.
    Well if my 2nd Ggrandfather had one descendant (me) that looked so similar don’t you think that there would be other descendants out of his 11 children that had very similar traits. Genetics!! Powerful stuff.

  • Mel Hancock

    very funny. lol.

  • Mel Hancock

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  • Youssef Tantawy

    If you think about there is more than 7 billion people in this world, so there has to be people who look alike.

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    What a co-incident they’ve met. Only observant people can make them meet.

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    the bald people don’t look the same

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    Exept for one pair they don’t look much alike at all. Are we saying that because two guys are balding and wear glasses that they look alike? Fail.

  • rkr

    Sperm banks could contribute to this. Many people seek artificial insemination. DNA testing should been done. Could also explain why some of these look alike bond so well

  • oscar

    >.> I’ve seen a few people who look a like, it’s really distressing.

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  • Far Wa

    How did they meet? :/

  • Drea

    Here is an odd thing though because I met someone who looks like me but also has similar markings and we feel the same often, its hard to explain but I learned they are called twin flames or twin souls.
    I wonder how much these lookalikes have in common.

  • Faisal

    i met someone whos not related to me at all , who looks exactly like me

  • Sydney

    Hey, me and one of my friends look a lot alike and I was wondering how we can get a picture?

  • saba siddiqui

    what is term for these people of seven similar faces? I want to know the exact word for this concept??? can anyone help?

  • Rachel

    I wanna find my doppelganger!

  • cecile

    does anyone know anything about finding old photos of someone that is not related but could be your double ,like old turn of the century photos…its kinda creepin me out just curios , i would like to get more info on the subject..any suggested sites to visit?

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  • Doug

    These people certainly don’t look like doppleganger’s most hardly appear as relatives. Different cheek structure, or nose structure. Different mouths. Not impressed at all.

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    imho none of them look alike??? if a pony and an elephant had the same hairstyle and wore the same clothes, they’d be as alike as each of these .