Princess Photographer: Nature Photos by Kate Middleton Seen Around the World

If you’re a photography enthusiast who wants to have your images seen by as many eyes as possible, it helps to be royalty. Just ask Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has published a number of photographs shot during a recent trip to the Bornean jungle in Malaysia. The photographs were quickly shared by major news outlets around the world, from The Guardian and BBC News in the UK to TIME magazine and CBS in the US. Publicity isn’t hard to come by if you’re a princess photographer.

In case you’re wondering, The Telegraph reports that Middleton shot the photos using a Canon PowerShot G12 compact camera.

Middleton is actually quite used to having a camera in her hands. Before becoming royalty, she once worked as a photographer! Here’s what Wikipedia says,

In November 2006, Middleton accepted a position as an accessory buyer with the clothing chain Jigsaw. She also worked part-time until January 2011 as a catalogue photographer […]

In 2008, it was reported that she had quit her job at Jigsaw to become a professional photographer, intending to take private classes with photographer Mario Testino, who had taken several well-known photographs of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her sons. Testino later denied that Middleton was going to be working for him.

What’d be interesting is if Middleton began sharing her photos through an online photo sharing service. As of now, however, her shots are being shared through The British Monarchy’s official Flickr photostream.

(via Flickr via Imaging Resource)

  • Benicio Murray

    I like them. Very delicate work.

  • InTheMist

    She’s actually pretty talented.

  • TypicalPPUser

    Oh just CRAP! Super uncreative and cliche, can’t believe someone posted this, my 1 year-old hamster could shoot better photos with a potato! How is this person a PROFESSIONAL photographer!?!?!

    Oh I don’t actually take photos.

  • Dave

    If she were a religion she would be Babetist.

  • MD

    Nice haha. Had me going there until I read the username ;)

  • Lupita

    don’t know that last tree is pretty sad. No details in the shadows and the composition sucks.The others are okay..for a beginner. They lack something….like maybe some adjustments in photoshop curves or something.!!! needs some practice for sure.

  • Lupita

    oh no wonder she used a point and shoot…! flat pics! she should have converted her point and shoot into an infrared camera then the shots would have been more interesting! just cuz she’s a princess…common on!

  • Zita Fox

    Yeah, these are very average photos…if she wasn’t who she was they wouldn’t of been looked at twice.

  • Samcornwell

    The watermarking is very unnecessary. Kate has more style than that.

  • 9inchnail

    The watermark is ridiculous. Why not use your name as your watermark, why use your posh royal title? Just to get attention?

  • Richard Ford

    Umm that IS HER NAME. She ceased being Kate Middleton when she was married. Read up on how it all works. At least the posh are educated.

  • eraserhead12

    decent considering the camera. though, I like the powershot g series–they’re like the gateway drug to dslr’s :D.

    I’m sure she could afford all the equipment she needed, and a private assistant photographer/pack mule to carry said equipment.

  • DafOwen

    “Due to popular demand this page is temporarily unavailable.”
    Ha – too popular or people asking them to be taken down …?
    It links to Flickr instead

  • Gary Martin


  • jasper122

    nice snaps….

  • jasper122

    you are a liar…. prove that your hamster can do it!!!

  • jasper122

    she still looks better then you…..

  • Kelly

    it’s “THAN” you asshole.

  • Mantis

    If she was a President she’d be Baberham Lincoln.

  • Juvenal Antena

    I bet that if the photos were signed with a name of a famous photographer, you guys will be saying “OMG This is awesome!”

    Go work.

  • rtfe

    nope, not this bunch

  • slvrscoobie

    Must be nice to be a princess and have people faun over everything you do, even when its totally mediocre.

  • Sheldon Hoffman

    Princess Kate has a good eye behind the camera, good composition on her shots.. I would like to go on a photo shoot with the Princess and her sister Pippa…lol

  • F200

    I think she tried to capture the orangutan, but being backlit, it just became a silhouette. And I’m sure the flash on the G12 would be impossible to reach that far for a fill.

  • senior

    What a bunch of stupid pictures! Don’t quit your day job Kate (you never had one anyway)! lol Aside from chasing royalties, you are not good at anything else really!

  • senior

    not at all!

  • senior

    no popular demand! It is a joke! They want to force this girl down people throat and present her as someone like. But is just not working! She is so boring and useless at many levels.

  • Marcus

    I like the shots on the boat

  • Foobar

    Did you even read the article?

  • Ian Powell

    Next stop,, Queeny Corgi Shots….

  • swen

    She is better off making offspring for monarchy than hobby photographer.

  • Jason Dunn

    Nice stuff, but quite the wordy watermark. :)

  • Voice of Reason

    Beware the Cambridge Brand,money making public servants using our taxes!