Gellin’ Like Magellan: ProDot is Like a Dr. Scholl’s Insert for Your Shutter Finger

People who spend a lot of time on their feet have products like Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts to help cushion their feet and absorb the shock of walking. Likewise, photographers who press the shutter button so much that they fatigue their index finger now have a similar product as well: the Custom SLR ProDot. It’s a patent-pending dot add-on for your camera’s shutter button that supposedly helps reduce camera shake and finger fatigue.

Fashion-conscious photographers will have three colors available to choose from: black, red, and clear. The back of each dot uses a special 3M adhesive for its stickiness, and can be removed and reapplied several times before it begins to lose its stickiness.

The textured and padded dot can also be used on other consumer devices as well, from video game controllers to computer mice, helping to reduce the amount of force required to press/click buttons (a boon for people who suffer from repetitive strain injury).

The ProDot will begin shipping late 2012/early 2013, and can be preordered in packs of 3 for $15 over on this Kickstarter campaign. The price is a bit steep given the fact that the product is a dot, but $15 would be a small price to pay if the accessory does in fact reduce ordinary camera shake by any noticeable amount.

  • Peter Grifoni

    seriously? $15.00 dollars for a plastic button that would cost all of 5 cents to spit out of a mould some where in China or Vietnam.

  • Mat

    Welcome to the camera gear world my friend :/

  • MarvinB7

    Yeah, that is a ridiculous price. I can see $5, but for $15 I think I can make something of my own. I’ve got plenty of extra 3M adhesive junk lying around.

  • jdm8

    In all fairness, on their page, it looks like it’s $15 for three, and includes US shipping. That seems reasonable to me.

    I’m dubious about the whole concept though.

  • Todd Kelmar

    Is it just me, or does it look like the little pointer thing on the thinkpad keyboard?

  • Silence7

    For my old Canon A1, I had a little chrome button extender that screwed into the cable release in the center of the shutter button. I think I pad like $2 for it.

  • Jonathan Bae

    Finger fatigue? After an all day event, it’s usually my back, legs or shoulders that are fatigued- never had finger fatigue… i would think that a soft pad on the shutter button would result in less feel and likelihood of putting more pressure on the button than ne essary…

  • jerome

    By which magic can it reduce the amount of force required to press buttons?

  • kabummmm

    oh yeah photography is a dangerous job…..
    ROTFL.. what kind of sissy will buy this?
    im a sports photographer all my life but i never had need for such a stupid thing.

  • kabummmm

    reasonable.. for a 5 cent product.. go see a doctor!!

  • 9inchnail

    Dude, you’re not only paying for the product, you’re paying for logistics, personnel and so on. A freaking iPhone costs less than 200$ in production but you’re still paying 800$ for the final product. Ever think about that?

  • 9inchnail

    First world problem: My finger gets tired after shooting with my 3000$ camera all day.

  • Alexander Petricca

    If this sells a single unit I’ll eat my hat.

  • Tadeu

    yeah, just remove from an old notebook and gt some glue and that’s it!

  • Tadeu

    yeah, just remove from an old notebook and gt some glue and that’s it!

  • jdm8

    I think you should go see an entrepreneur.

    The marginal cost of the product is often an insignificant portion of the cost of developing a product and providing it to a consumer. It’s not like they’re making a net profit of $14.85 on the product.

  • brob

    this is a joke right?

  • ennuipoet

    This is a thing? I’ve come away sore in all sorts of different places after a day long shoot, but never in my finger.

  • haroldm

    Gariz, a Korean camera accessory company, has had these for quite awhile now. However the Gariz version is better looking, imo. You can get them for around $11 with free shipping on ebay.

  • Spider- Man

    April already?

  • 11

    If this were made on mars and shipped to you, would you still pay xxx billion? oh btw, you will get 1000 with purchase of 1.

    all I mean to say is it is not an economically viable thing to do. Waste of resources to ship this product. the maker gets only 5-10 cents. the buyer gets…. not sure. rest of the cost is wasted.

  • jdm8

    It’s maybe $5 for S&H, not billions. No need for the hysterics.

    That you don’t seem to allow for the fact there are many other costs related to the product and its development exposes your ignorance, not mine.

  • Memphis Eisenheim

    Rubbish, first of all it reduces shutter button responsiveness….

  • Antonio Carrasco


    Are the manufacturing costs of rubber dots really expensive?

  • Nathan Blaney
  • Matt

    The best use of such a product is more that you tactilely know when your finger is on the shutter button. The rest seems like marketing and wishful thinking.

  • stanimir stoyanov

    You’re seriously willing to pay $5 shipping on a 5-cent PLASTIC DOT?

  • Jm

    Custom SLR has some great products. I plan to pledge on this one. It’s $15 for 3 dots and includes shipping.

  • jdm8

    If I wanted it and if I thought it would be a benefit.

    Also, that’s three dots, rubber ones at that. This article’s description got the quantity wrong. If it’s packed decently, it would cost $3 for postage and a small, slim box. So that would be three dots for $4 each plus $3 postage, not including any handling for the total of $15.

  • Michael Zhang

    You’re right. Thanks for catching that. We’ve corrected it

  • jazz-hw

    This is the kind of thing a might have bought had I just seen it sitting on a shelf during my regular visits to the local camera shop, but to pre-order? I think I’ll pass. Honestly if you don’t have enough confidence in your product to raise $3500 to start production you probably shouldn’t bother making it. I hate when kick-starter is used as marketing tool for every stupid idea some company has instead of a launching pad for brilliant and innovative new ideas. Not trying to slam this idea to hard, maybe one day it will be built into every new camera you buy, but come-on $3500 just build the bloody thing already.

  • Young

    film cameras have soft release buttons for ages already

  • lifeinpixels

    This is so perfect! My index finger has recently been cramping up due to my high volume of shooting. I feel that camera companies just don’t support the ergonomics my hands need for a comfortable day of shooting. These rubber buttons are being shipped to my house this very moment. Now if only they would make some for the rest of my camera’s buttons…

  • Alvin

    Not sure why all the hating but you should try one before making
    comments. My unit came in and I don’t think I can go back to pressing
    the OEM shutter button. Also adds a nice touch to the camera. Each dot
    is the cost of a Starbucks coffee. If you can afford a camera, you can
    afford one.