Custom SLR Uses Shrink Ray on the M-Plate, Out Pops the M-Plate Mini

Rumors of a soon-to-arrive iPad Mini are heating up, but one photo gear company has beaten Apple to the “mini” game: Custom SLR announced its new M-Plate Mini today. It’s the smaller sibling of the company’s M-Plate Pro, which takes up more space because it includes a couple of extra connection points for attaching accessories (e.g. the company’s strap and hand-grap strap mount).

The new Mini plate eschews these sockets in favor of a smaller and friendlier form factor. It’s still compatible with most Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss tripod heads, and still offers a number of tripod sockets for attaching accessories — you’ll just need to remove those accessories now when mounting your camera to a tripod — or mounting to other tripod plates.

Here’s a quick demo of the M-Plate Pro, which debuted at the beginning of the year at CES 2012:

In terms of build quality, the company took steps to ensure that it’s highly durable: the accessory is fashioned out of aerospace-grade aluminum and has a hard anodized black finish, which resists corrosion and wear.

You’ll be able to purchase an M-Plate Mini from the Custom SLR website and from retailers around the world starting in November 2012 for $50, $25 less than the price of its larger counterpart.

  • Green


  • jimmy

    honestly can’t see the point in these things, the manfrotto RC 2 has a fold out loop already (used to tighten the bolt) and I’ve been clipping my rapid strap straight onto it for years, nothing has even come undone, unfolded, unclipped or unscrewed ever, use it with 5D + grip + 70-200 f2.8 + flash, no worries.

  • Paul

    Good idea. I have enjoyed their products since their C-Loop on
    Kickstarter. Great to see stuff made in the USA by a startup in the Bay

  • Bertrand

    With a grip or a D4 (D3…), it’s impossible to use…

  • junyo

    The point isn’t that you can’t do that. If all you ever want to use is Manfrotto or Arca Swiss you don’t need this. The point is it’s closer to a universal plate, so you’re not locked into one QR system, so you could use Manfrotto AND Arca Swiss heads.

  • mike

    if only i could affort a Manfrotto or Arca Swiss anything… :'( let alone an accessory for them…