Beautiful Slow-Mo Using $300K Worth of Camera Gear on a Hot Summer Day

What would you capture if you had a day off on a hot summer day with $300,000 worth of camera gear lying around the house? That was the happy situation filmmaker Brad Kremer found himself in recently. The gear he found himself with at the time included an uber-expensive Phantom Flex high-speed camera, Zeiss super speed glass, a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR, and Canon L glass. He decided to put the gear to use (and flex his creative muscles) by inviting the neighborhood children over for a water balloon party — the perfect recipe for epic slow-motion footage.

As summer comes to an end and Autumn begins, kids go back to school and dream of warm days filled with laughter and joy. This short film is a reflection of that dream. Shot with a Phantom Flex it captures the magic of the moment. With frame rates of up to 2564 fps at 1080p we see every detail, every smile and every sparkle in the kids eyes. And that is where the magic lies. Within the hopes and dreams of our children.

He titled the resulting short film (shown above) A Phantom Flex Summer Story. It does not disappoint.

(via John Nack)

P.S. In case you’re wondering, the song in the background is “Moonchild” by the band M83.

  • Muzafar


  • MT

    Imagine what you could do with million dollars.

  • mterzian

    Thought it was nice until the watermelon sequence. Useless and inappropriate.

  • JoeC

    This is cool if you turn the sound of. The music is so poorly chosen, it sounds absurd, but not funny absurd, awful absurd.

  • Patrick Day

    wow first post out of gate and someone is already criticizing on this site that is a shocker…rolls eyes

  • Move Along

    And there’s always someone criticizing someone else for criticizing. *double rolls eyes*

  • Renato Murakami

    Just to let you know, it might have something to do with japanese tradition of smashing watermelons… they are not wasted, people eat it afterwards. :)

  • Renato Murakami

    Sounds like something out of A Virgin Suicides…. the soundtrack that is.

  • mterzian

    Thanks for the explanation. Without this cultural filter, it seemed awkward. Anyway, the aesthetic of this video is really nice :)