How Facebook Profile Pictures Can Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

In addition to being used for art and documentation, photographs have long been a medium of communication. This is even more true in this social networking age in which photographs can easily be used to tear people down or build people up. This heartwarming video published over at Facebook Stories is a great example of the power of socially shared photos. Here’s the brief synopsis:

When a high-school athlete was blamed for a losing season, his entire school had his back. See how his classmates turned something as common as their profile pictures into an extraordinary act of support.

The whole “change your profile picture in support of a cause” thing is nothing new, but this is a pretty awesome example of it being used to make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Sam!

  • newamericanclassic

    I love how the site overlooks the fact that facebook practically ruined his social life to begin with. womp womp.

  • Anthony Harrison

    I love this story.

    I do agree with you newamericanclassic, however I got a sense that the photos posted and negative vibe was coming from the person who posted the photos and maybe parents? and student and team mates obviously didn’t agree. Could be wrong though.

  • mercer

    totally agree with newamericanclassic.

    to fix a thing, the thing needs to be broken at first.

  • Christian Camilo

    there is a wrong sense that the internet is the “guilty” always. The people do the damage one to the others…but are the people actions that can make a positive diference with othes life. I agree with the power of the photography like a medium of positive messages.

  • eziz

    kony 2012 :D

  • Ali

    Cute story, but none of the people involved seem available on facebook. No Daniel Cui, Jordan Philipson or Daniel Gwynn seem to exist.
    One man left a post on the Stories page, remembering Cui and cheering for him, except that same man graduated high school in 2000, and is an actual employee of Facebook.

  • guest

    well, obviously internet bullying stems from people, that wasn’t the issue.

    regardless, facebook was the medium that allowed the harrassment to originate, and photography initially made an overwhelmingly negative impact on his life before someone stepped up.

  • Dan Fletcher

    Hey – I’m Dan Fletcher, and I work on the Facebook Stories site. These kids all exist. They’re minors, though, so we opted not to point to their profiles. For every other Stories video, the subjects have been involved and engaged in the comments. But Cui even shows up in public search – not sure why you didn’t find him.