Vintage Photographs with Glowing Points of Light

Daré alla Lucé is a project by photographer Amy Friend that features old photos that resemble constellations in the night sky. Friend creates the images by finding vintage photographs (online or in shops) and then poking tiny holes into them. My Modern Met writes,

The series began through her desire to see the photograph as an object. Friend wanted to find out what it meant for them to change, “to become something different than what they were originally intended to be” yet still remain the same. To her, the images represented “a life, a face, a moment, but only through a momentary glance.” By altering them she hopes to playfully bring to light stories beneath the surface or what she refers to as “the unknown.”

“It is the unknown that shines through the photographs. It is the unknown that releases the photographs and allows them to become something new.”

Here’s the project’s description on Friend’s website:

Through small deliberate interventions, I altered these vintage images, allowing light to pass through them. (After all, photographs are made possible with light.) In a literal and somewhat playful manner, I aimed to give the photographs back to the light, hence the title of the series, Daré alla Lucé, an Italian phrase used to describe the moment of birth.

You can see the rest of the images in this project over on Friend’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Amy Friend

  • asdf

    So, she finds vintage photos and destroys them . . . I don’t get it.

  • jdm8

    I hope she means altering copies of vintage photographs, because damaging the originals is a shame.

  • Rick Bronks


  • Jonathan Maniago


    I used to do something similar with the doodles in my notebook at school. Just flip them over and even blind people can appreciate these vintage images, all thanks to Braille photography.

  • bing432

    Nice to look at, but kind of silly.

  • Alan Dove

    Reminds me of when the shutter curtain in my old Leica III started to wear out.

  • Jake

    I’m not fond of the execution here on people, but it might be interesting to try it with cityscapes, landscapes, abstract works…

  • OPH


  • Knur

    i hate hipsters

  • madmax

    More stupid, impossible.

  • Ripley

    This is as bad as that woman who bought vintage quilts on Etsy and then cut them up and used them as table runners in her hobo-chic wedding.


  • Roy

    This can be done in Photoshop faster, easier and non-destructively.