Tree-pod: The Tripod That Can Double as a Three-Legged Ladder

For those of you who need to snap eye-level photographs of giraffes: Taiwanese gear manufacturer Fishbone has launched a crazy new tripod that literally reaches new heights of image stabilization. Called the Tree-pod, the tripod is designed for capturing photos or videos from way up off the ground. Dan Chung of DSLR News Shooter writes,

The device, otherwise know as the Zhezhi tripod, can reach 3.3m high, weighs about 13 kg and folds to about 90 cm long. It is aluminium alloy in construction and costs a cool $6000 US. In order to position and level the tripod head you can scale the Tree-pod in a similar way to a telegraph pole. Not sure I would trust it myself, but if heights are your thing then maybe it’s worth it.

3.3m is roughly 10.8 feet. The Tree-pod has attachable rungs that allow you to climb up it as if it were a ladder. Uses for it could include getting closer to the moon if your telephoto lens doesn’t have enough reach, and cleaning your home’s gutters when not doing photography.

Scale New Heights – with the Tree-pod [DSLR News Shooter]

  • Sergio Savarese


  • Steven Alan

    I’ll just buy a ladder…

    This is cool though, I enjoy looking at weird new things.

  • Alan Dove

    Looks perfectly safe to me.

  • Mansgame

    I don’t have any use for this but definitely want one.

  • Chris Popely

    $6000? Put me down for two.

  • jdm8

    I think you’d want to be on a structure separate from the camera. Otherwise any motion you make is potentially visible in the shot. Any twist, wobble or sway is going to seem magnified. You might as well be using a jib crane instead.

  • Jonathan Yao

    If I was going to climb up the tripod, I would only be on it to aim the camera. Then I would climb back down and use a remote trigger.

  • Jonathan Yao

    It would be cheaper to mount a ballhead to the top of an A-Frame ladder…

  • jdm8

    What’s crazy is the tripod is shown with a pro video camera on it. I’d think one can outfit some kind of jib crane kit with extended controller and monitor for that cost.

  • 11

    You need another tree-pod to climb and operare the camera.

  • 11

    You need another tree-pod to climb and operare the camera.

  • Jerome Allen Gunsalus

    A folding stepladder would work as well and a whole lot cheaper .

  • 9inchnail

    Get yourself a rope and you can use this to hang yourself if your career as a professional photographer should fail.

  • derekdj

    I see a lot of broken legs and law suits in their future.

  • André L. L.

    Apple will sue ‘em for the *pod thing