Satirical Sketch Imagining the Life of a Fine Art Instagram Photographer

What if there existed a high-profile, high-powered, and high-art photographer who worked exclusively in Instagram? That’s the premise of this sketch by comedy webshow K-LOL. It offers a glimpse into the life of a fictional photographer named Flam Wenders, who’s called the “Andy Warhol of Instagram”. As with other sketches we’ve shared here, Wenders is portrayed as an angry, verbally abusive photographer with a small, colorful vocabulary. Please avoid this video if you were turned off by the “mean Anne Geddes” sketch we shared last month.

Wenders, a Zoolander-esque type of guy, is portrayed as being self-absorbed and a practitioner of all the types of photography that Instagrammers are stereotypically engaged in (e.g. random photos of food, duckface, silly signs).

Although the sketch is a tongue and cheek look at filtered mobile photography, Wenders could represent any photographer who takes themselves and their work too seriously.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Eliza!

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    I just used Walden on you.