Leaked Photos of Fuji’s More Affordable X-E1 Mirrorless Camera

Back in July, we reported that Fuji was preparing to launch lower-end and higher-end siblings of its popular X-Pro1 mirrorless camera. We now both what the cheaper camera will be called, and what it’ll look like.

Named the “X-E1″, the camera had two of its product pictures leaked today through Digicame-info.

The camera will offer the same slick styling that got the web buzzing about the X-Pro1. The cost savings will be due to what it doesn’t offer. Gone is the fancy hybrid viewfinder that lets photographers quickly switch between optical and electronic. Instead, only live view and an electronic viewfinder will be available at your disposal.

The layout of the buttons and dials on the top of the camera look nearly identical to what’s found on the X-Pro1, suggesting that the features of the two cameras might be very similar. There also appears to be a pop-up flash next to the hot shoe, something not found on the camera’s older sibling.

Here’s what the silver version will look like:

Not much else is known about the camera at this point. Expect the official announcement to come during Photokina next month. Now lets see if the higher-end X camera leaks as well!

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  • Brent

    Now where’s the D600?

  • xavi

    no viewfinder, just a live view mode,… crap!

  • SAM

    just live view? I think I see the top of an evf on the right of the camera.

  • Rowan Dunfey

    I think by “live view” they meant that the conventional, optical part of the viewfinder was removed, leaving only the EVF part—the EVF is still technically “live view.”

  • piki

    it looks like an efv. Why not put an optical viewfinder, it’s cheaper ;)

  • madmax

    Has an EVF not hybrid viewfinder. It also appear to be smaller than XPro 1. Interesting proposal if the IQ is the same and the price let´s say a 25% lower.

  • E

    A decent optical viewfinder is most likely pretty expensive compared to an evf. The price of electronics are “free falling”, good mechanics and optics are not.

  • Alexander Petricca

    With the exception of the fact it’s LiveView only, this looks fantastic :)

  • Michael Zhang

    You’re right — I was mistaken. Updated the post, thanks! :)

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    very nice looking camera, something I would happily buy for my parents, just have to wait for the price, closer to £500 than £1,000 surely

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Now lets see if the higher-end X camera leaks as well!” I think this is the higher end camera, the leaked XP1/XF1 looks more like the lesser of the two

  • Jeremiah Washington

    I hope this is in the 500 to 100 range cause I need a street photo camera. My DSLR is way too obtrusive . And the camera looks amazing too. Let the photography revolution begin!