365 Day Photo Project with Whiteboard Results in Creative Stop Motion Video

This creative stop-motion video was created over the course of one year by a boy named Kristen (unbeatableme on YouTube). He took at least one photograph every day for 365 days showing himself standing in front of a whiteboard. By changing elements inside the shot (e.g. his clothing, the art on the whiteboard, his hair), Kristen made one of the most “time-consuming” animation projects we’ve seen.

A ticker on the whiteboard gives a countdown for the number of days left in the project.

The whiteboard in the background puts an interesting twist on the everyday portrait project concept popularized by Noah Kalina and clickflashwhirr. By showing how much time is passing in the background, the whiteboard provides a frame of reference that is missing in videos that show years passing in the course of a few minutes.

  • Samuel

    That soul destroying moment when a teenager makes a better stop motion than your univeristy animation project. Good show.

  • The_photographer_Tom

    Great effort Kristen. The only bugbear for me, was that at the beginning, you wrote “365 bays” instead of 365 days. Might want to change that.

  • brob

    it’s a shame the quality of his photography sucks

  • nickg

    Fantastic effort, Kristen. @5fa5be3af205cd7ce2b40e44bba5e85d:disqus – it’s a shame that all you can do is criticise. At least he had the balls to see it through a whole year, with the gear available to him – I’m guessing it was a phone. In this age of atrophied attention span, that’s refreshing. @8deab0e8aec9688d6502b6cdfe7f9e4e:disqus – it’s an upper-case D. It’s common knowledge that creative people have crap handwriting.

  • Jonathon Chambers

    I can’t tell if the subject is the days on the whiteboard or his very limited wardrobe.