Hilarious Apple Ad Parody Imagines the iPhone 5 as a DSLR for Losers

What would happen if Apple made a DSLR? Web video artist Adam Sacks thinks it would be a hit with iPhone users who use their phones for the sole purpose of taking pictures of food, applying filters to them, and then sharing them online. He created this humorous parody of an Apple commercial in which Greg Mansfield, the “Vice President of iPhone Product Design”, introduces the iPhone 5. The new phone is reinvented as a DSLR to make everyone’s life easier, and features a single app: Camera.

The camera phone also features Siri, which will suggest “fun” captions for your food pictures to save you time prior to broadcasting them online.

“The photos are sure to garner all the likes, hearts, plusses, pins, stars, reposts, reblogs, retumbles, and retweets that you’ve used to replace human connection in your life.” Perfect!

(via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Images by Adam Sacks

  • Osnap ClickClick

    Hilarious. lol.

  • notrichenough

    my gosh I. WANT. I. PHONE. 5!

  • Abec

    Can some one tell me when I’m supposed to laugh ?

  • iNsulted

    Don’t be so serious about your iPhone.

  • jacek

    it is a canon with 50mm/F1,4

  • bob cooley

    Doesn’t sound like you are capable of it.

  • WKYA_Radio

    why u mad, bro

  • bmb77

    What no blue tooth or wifi built in, a fix lens, I can’t wait for the iPHONE6.

  • aplsuks

    Yup…. all those lemmings and their latest, greatest, shiny, white thing. Fek aPpLe…

  • Tomi Tarkin

    sting! :D

  • toto

    I laughed so much. They are missing one important feature though: the ability to take selfies using liveview… the second most utilised feature of iphones ;)