Slick Quick Release Camera Mount for Your Bike Lets You Shoot as Your Ride

Love bikes as much as you love cameras? Cycling company Minoura has a beautiful accessory called the Quick Release Camera Mount. It’s a simple product that turns your bike into a tripod biwheel without sacrificing any aesthetics. It holds your camera securely to your handlebar using a standard quarter-inch threaded bolt, and features a front-wheel-style quick release clamp that allows you to quickly mount and unmount it.

The rubber contained cork sheet pressing up against your camera prevents moisture or vibration from slipping and turning.

You can use the mount for other devices as well (e.g. a phone). All you’ll need is a simple 1/4” thread adapter to attach the device.

The mount is available on Amazon for about $18, but you should definitely stop by your local bike shop and ask them to carry it as well.

Minoura Quick Release Camera Mount (via Cult of Mac)

  • Piet Opperman

    don’t waste your time and money using this for a video camera. the bike vibrates too much.

  • Symple

    check out the Feisol version, it is a very cool bike mount for your camera.
    bike vibration is not that big a deal with ibis or lis on bodies and/or lenses, let a little air out of the tire helps too.

  • Samuel

    I am yet to encounter a handlebar mount that can actually keep a dslr upright even on relatively smooth road. This looks like a pretty ingenious design though.

  • Carl-Frederic Salicath

    That is actually quite clever. I use a bike on an everyday basis, and I often come over subjects (e.g. at night) that require a tripod. But with this and my bike I’m set, and I don’t have a need to keep it mounted when riding eigther…

  • val escobar

    I think they mention it uses your bike, tripod like, not steady-cam like.

  • Richard Collins

    This looks a damn sight better than the GoPro bike mount, which I’ve heard can fracture after less than a few hours riding. I’ll be seriously considering this for my GoPro…

  • Jackson Cheese

    I think it’s meant for the GoPro type cameras, which have some amazing video stabilization.

  • Michael Tran Cullen

    Yo dawg, we heard you like photography so we put a mount on your bike so you can shoot while you ride.

  • Verhuus

    I strongly agree, tried various options on my bike (nex5n, zx3); even after stabilizing in post it’s dissapointing.

  • brob

    looks like a great product!