Kobe Bryant Caught on Camera Having Lens Cap Issues

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant is one of the most graceful players in the NBA, but put a camera in his hands and he becomes a mere mortal. Bryant was spotted by television cameras at a Roger Federer Olympic tennis match having trouble with his Canon DSLR and telephoto L lens. He is seen asking someone — presumably a photographer — for help, only to be told that the lens cap was still on.

These videos are humorous because we can probably all relate to them — even the best of us.

So professional photographers aren’t the only ones being caught on TV having lens cap troubles: you can now add professional basketball players to that list.

(via Business Insider via Imaging Resource)

  • Greg Schmidt

    This proves he’s too dumb to have a Nikon!

  • Hung

    “massive telephoto”…really?

  • Michael Zhang

    Hmmm… Okay, okay, you’re right :)

  • Mansgame

    Yesterday I was at an event and couldn’t figure out why the AF was not working right until I saw I had the button turned into manual focus. It happens!

  • Alex Cruceru

    That was funny! :)) I did it too.

  • Barry

    One rule for Kobe and another rule for other “amateur” photogs?

    Thought LOCOG was banning all DSLRs from arenas and events unless you had accreditation.

  • michaelp42

    All the gear and no idea….

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    Stuff happens. Last time, I kept on shooting and I saw the photos developing soft focus. I realized the lens had big smudges.

  • Jonathan Bergeron

    no, the fact that he’s holding a Canon proves he has class and intelligence on his side. That said I’m sure regardless Canon or Nikon EVERY photographer has done that

  • Jonathan Bergeron

    hmmm here I would of used a fisheye *facepalm

  • Jonathan Bergeron

    I have that same lens and i’ve done that a few times in a hurry happens to the best

  • brandon

    I’m no kobe fan, but it happens. his reaction is funny. no big deal. what about that getty guy from a few days ago? Sure he has good gear. if you earned kobe bucks wouldn’t you. why not? it’s all pocket change to him. he’s seen photogs his whole career and he went with what he sees the pros using, canon.

  • michaelp42

    yeh but hopefully you didn’t have to ask for help to figure it out!

  • Sum_it

    Yes, it happens to the best of us. However, we don’t need someone’s help to figure out what the mistake was. His reaction was pretty funny though.

    70-200mm 2.8L (IS II I think) is a pretty standard lens. If it was a 400mm 2.8 IS II, then I’d be be bitching about how a beautiful lens’ potential is being wasted.

  • Greg Schmidt

    Just because you can afford a pro camera doesn’t mean you’re smart enough to know how to use it.

  • Greg Schmidt

    Every photographer has done that, but it only takes 1 shot to figure out that something is wrong and realize the lens cap is still on. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out. But then again, NBA players aren’t exactly brain surgeons, either.

  • Néstor René Cussí

    Just guessing what Kobe would said if he ever get to see us with a basketball in hands

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    One shot? Don’t you guys peek through the viewfinder every once in a while? JK (^_^)!

  • sam

    happens to me all the time too
    i keep the cap on most the time to prevent myself from scratching the front element

  • R.j. Knackstedt

    See, great gear doesn’t make you a great photographer.

  • Froi

    He’s not a photographer…..he just bought a pro camera (because he can) and forgot that the cap was on….not a big deal.