Indestructible Hard Drive Keeps Your Pics Safe from Car Washes, Fire and Football

It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to protect your digital photos from extreme elements (and if you have a 7D you know your camera will make it) but as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry — and apparently hard drives don’t get much safer than the Slilicon Power A80. In a video that’s equal parts fun and demonstration, photographer Benjamin Von Wong put the hard drive through a series of unrealistically harsh tests, making sure it still worked after each one.

And if you don’t feel that the HDD endured quite enough, or if you just wanna get creative, the video includes an invitation to suggest a trial of your own that you feel will test the A80’s mettle better. Just head over to YouTube, leave a comment at the bottom of the video and look out for part 2 where they’ll take the most popular suggestions and see if they can’t break the thus-far “indestructible” drive.

  • Rebekkah Owens

    Can it survive a trip to Mordor?

  • Phil Cooper

    post it in an envelope by TNT across the states.seems everything the ship gets dropped.You could even put a fragile sticker on it to Guarantee it will receive the harshest treatment.

  • Alfred_34

    Check out all of the 1-star ratings on Amazon for this drive. It appears to fail quick often. Not so rugged after all.

  • rtfe

    there are so many annoying things with this video, i’m not sure what to gripe about

  • Raymond Leung

    Try the football test with the drive running….

  • Simon Moran

    Will it blend?

  • John

    Should have Kai from Digital Rev give it a good testing.