Wedding Photographer Threatened with Ludicrous $300,000 Lawsuit

Photographer and entrepreneur Gary Fong was recently contacted by a wedding photographer who found himself in a pickle: after doing a “great job” (in Fong’s opinion) in shooting a wedding, he received a menacing letter from the couple threatening him with a $300,000 lawsuit. The video above shows Fong reading the letter — which sounds an awful lot like blackmail — and explaining some of the mistakes made by the photographer. The main takeaway: always sign a contract!

(via Gary Fong)

  • Bonnie Lincicome

    Name him! (the lawyer)

  • ‘Demon’

    Whilst I have a reasonable amount of respect for Gary as primarily a photographer and then dropping out of the rat race to make millions, this letter has to be a scam surely? What lawyer (Solicitor or Barrister in the UK) would be mad enough to write such a letter?
    A genuine lawyer with a genuine grievance would write a very clear, precise and succinct letter that would not scare the potential ‘litigant’, but cause them to react and try and resolve any issues without litigation – in fact, they would be more likely to get a partner in the firm to deal with it so there would be no ‘conflict of interest’ in Court that could scupper any genuine claim.
    If that letter had arrived on my doormat, I would have laughed and shredded it as one of these African scam letters, the type you get by e-mail.

  • Dave Harley

    I bet you’re a shitload of laughs at a party!

  • Dan K

    If you post the photos, people can image search. It’ll be interesting to see which Facebook pages have similar images.

  • K. Scott Gant

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t do weddings. Ever. It may be more lucrative in the long run, but it’s just not worth it. At least it isn’t to me.

  • Alan Light

    That attorney should be disbarred and required to pay damages.

    Maybe also whipped for good measure.

  • Alan Light

    If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of mentally unbalanced people in the world.

  • Joe V Chan

    Does Gary make light-spheres with middle finger logos on it? I’ll take one!

  • Lisa

    I understand that Gary was “redacting” the letter as he was reading it – but even with the stops and starts and somewhat disjointed nature of the storytelling, I firmly believe that the person who wrote that letter either (1) isn’t an attorney or (2) is a “friend of a friend who does [real estate]” and is attempting to help the newlyweds by sending “an authoritative” letter to the photographer. Either way, the letter-writer will likely get in trouble for not being a lawyer and/or threatening and extortion. And if this matter does ever see the inside of a courtroom, it’s frivolous lawsuits like this that make me crazy and really hate the justice system.

  • tawster

    That attorney is so screwed now. He just ended his legal career. And! He will probably end up paying that photographer significant cash. Nice.

  • tawster

    I.e, Photographer dude: Countersue and take that attorney for everything he’s got. You will win.

  • pickle

    Seems to me like some information is missing and that the public is forming their opinions without seeing the actual wedding photos. I would need to see the photos to form my own opinion.

  • matrixblde

    I would say that the lawyers images need to be compared against the originals. It sounds like the jerk would not above, and probably planed to, alter the images with his “lightroom” and get his money back.

  • Robyn Harold

    Did he ask for all the money to be delivered in a small bills in a black bag behind the dumpster at the Carl’s, Jr? Wow.

  • Gary Fong

    UPDATE FROM GARY FONG – I assembled a consortium of my top attorneys to work as a group responding to their interrogatories and discovery requests. Their first set of interrogatories had well beyond the allotted 40 questions (this is clearly spelled out in court rules) so Mr. Tang answered the first 40. He then, with the help of the attorneys, has drafted his first discovery requests, requests for production, admissions, and interrogatories. He has also filed a motion to join the bride’s husband (the attorney who wrote the terse letter) as a party to the action. If he is a counterparty, and once this letter gets on the record, then Mr. Tang will be open to filing an extortion in the 2nd degree as the wording in the letter fits what the legislature described in the law. Unfortunately, the lead attorney has stage 4 cancer and is not going to be with us (save for a miracle) for very long, but the last work she will have done will be for a worthy cause.

  • Gary Fong

    I have sent copies of the letter to my 2nd cousin Gary Locke, former Governor of Washington State, Secretary of Commerce in Obama’s Cabinet, and now ambassador to CHina. The lawyer who wrote the letter used to work for the Ambassador. I copied the lawyer on the letter. The WA State bar is awaiting the outcome of the trial as they do not come up with discipline during a trial. If the world/legal system is just, then the bar will correct this kind of future and prevent spikes like this from happening.

  • Em Dorsett

    I will never understand why overweight women wear those strapless, sleeveless wedding dresses.

  • Dixie Broadway

    Has there been any updates to this?

  • Traci

    What woman married that guy?!!! Dang! What a jerk!

  • sparky


  • Brian Michael Schade

    Don’t mince words, Gary, tell us how you really feel.

    On a serious note, thank you for this. I’m jumping into the wedding photography arena, but thankfully not by myself. I have a partner who has experience with this and we ALWAYS have contracts.

  • Twila Murasaki

    Could they post the name of the lawyer? Let the community go after him. People could destroy him as easily as he could attempt to destroy someone else’s reputation.

  • pvbella

    This letter should be sent to whatever state agency investigates lawyers. This is not a letter seeking legal damages. It is blackmail and threats. The supposed lawyer who wrote it violated several legal canons and legal ethics.

  • DaveTee

    What was the outcome of this?

  • Jason D. Gilmore

    This “attorney” probably isn’t even an attorney, probably just a legal hand

  • PSAGuy

    The letter should be taken immediately to the state Bar Association. It will end there.

  • Peter

    Attorney? What a joke. Just screenshot the letter and put it out there and put the fake lawyer out of business. No one’s going to side with the so-called lawyer.

  • ashfurrow

    According to the youtube video description: “The plaintiff dropped the lawsuit, and the attorney who wrote this letter is currently under discipline from the Washington State Bar.”