Astro: A Time Lapse “Hockey Puck” That Mounts on Your Tripod

Time-lapse photography has become more and more popular in recent months, and even though you can find cheap intervalometer solutions to take care of the basic triggering of your camera, there really isn’t anything outside of the DIY category that will allow you to add smooth motion to your time-lapse on the cheap. Fortunately, innovations happen every day, and a new intervalometer and motion control unit over on Kickstarter is just the innovation to solve this problem.

For $180, about as much as a decent intervalometer will cost you, you can get your hands on Astro: a hockey puck style motion control intervalometer that attaches between your tripod and your camera. After you’ve got it anchored you can simply twist the three dials on the puck to set the duration of your time lapse, how far you want it to pan during, and what interval you want the photos taken at. Then connect Astro to your camera using the cable release port and you’re ready to go.

Here’s a short introduction to the Astro from their Kickstarter:

The chances that they’ll miss their target are slim (they’ve already reached almost 45,000 of their 50,000 goal, and they have 38 days to go), so if you’re interested it would be a good idea to head over to Kickstarter and throw your hat in the ring. The early bird special for $160 is sold-out, but you can still get an Astro for $180 through the end of the campaign. And if you really like the idea, then you can opt to pony up $850 and get yourself 5 Astros, including a special edition black one.

Astro: Time Lapse + Motion Control (via The Verge)

  • Dazam

    What an awesome idea. Love this.

  • OSAM

    $200? OUCH.

  • QT Luong

    Camera brand intervalometers may cost similar prices, but third party intervalometers made in China can be bought for less than $40 and are quite decent.

  • Michael

    @QT: This thing is not only an intervalometer, it also turns the camera.

  • Marc

    Way worth the $180 if you realize the potential this thing has. You can do a lot with this little gem

  • Andrei Gold

    Thing is so dope, esp when you consider yo can mount it on a slider system and have both pan and rotation in your timelapse. I wonder if the moters have enough power to rotate a camera if its positioned in a vertical orientation. Ie tilt up down vs left right pan.. If it can take the weight of a full frame dslr with battery grip and zoom lens – then you have yourself a real winner!

  • David Portass

    I missed out on joining the kick starter, any one know when he will be selling them properly?

  • intrabrain

    They do if you balance the load. Just build a rack that sticks out the back from the hot shoe that holds weight of some sort. And then slide the weight along until the load is balanced with the lens and the center of gravity is right over the center of the motor. If you do that, then it wouldn’t take any more power to rotate vertically than horizontally.

    Similar to how elevators conserve energy,