Miami Heat Owner Sues Blogger Over Unflattering Photo

Minority owner of the recently-crowned national champion Miami Heat, Raanan Katz, has been making waves all over the Internet the past few days over a controversial lawsuit regarding a photo of himself that he has deemed unflattering (seen above). The lawsuit is directed at both the originating blogger and Google (who refused to take down the photo), and according to paidContent, Katz is requesting that damages be paid him by both parties.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Katz has sued this particular blogger, now identified as Irina Chevaldina. Her blog, RK Associates USA, is dedicated to exposing certain allegedly “shady” aspects of Katz’s commercial real estate operation, RK Centers. Last year Katz filed, and subsequently lost, a defamation lawsuit against Chevaldina after he was unsuccessful in proving that he was not a public figure. The fact that he is going after Chevaldina again a year later, seemingly on shakier grounds, has some calling this a “backdoor” attempt to take down the blogger.

Unfortunately for Katz this has turned into yet another textbook example of the Streisand effect. By going after Chevaldina and her blog, RK Associates USA, it seems that the only thing Katz has managed to do is lend the photo vira popularity and drive traffic to a blog he clearly dislikes.

(via Pixiq)

  • Jason Banks

    Ridiculous.  There are no grounds to sue someone over that image.  It has not been manipulated, therefore is a representation of fact (he made the face).

  • Bat54

    Well. Raanan Katz is a big baby. Maybe he’ll sue me for calling him a name.

  • Joey Duncan

    It’s not the blogger’s fault HE looks stupid….lol

    I hope he fails, I hope he fails horribly, in fact I hope it gets dragged out so the blogger loses money and sues his ass back, then the judge will be like ‘This dude is an asshat, you owe the blogger lot o’ money for your ass-hattery, PS…. you make stupid faces.. pay up”

  • Mansgame

    If the picture was taken legally and that’s how he looks, he should sue his mom and dad. 

  • Skevos Mavros

    I actually think it’s a terrific photo, certainly makes him look interesting. I can’t help but wonder if he’s suing because he KNOWS the Streisand effect will kick in.

  • Jens Hamada

    well he is not the brightest bulb around i guess?

    now many more see this picture then would have without a lawsuit…..

  • Mike

    If you are ugly, tough luck.  Suing someone who took the photos won’t make you look any better.

  • Nonexpectedz3

    If you have enough money you can do whatever you want, except maybe looking good on photos :D

  • BriggsBrandon

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