Reversed Footage of a Boy Walking Backwards

Dakota White and Andrew Hackbusch (AKA The Dash brothers) made this creative “backward world” short by reversing a single continuous shot of Dakota walking backwards.

  • Matthew

    “Top Secret” scene is still the best.

  • Nathan Marquardt

    I guess this would be cool if I hadn’t already seen The Beatles do it in the video for “Strawberry Fields Forever”…

  • Abcoe524

    Yo i loved it very clever and creative

  • venkat sravan.venkat

    I Agree Matthew but The effort of DASh Brothers Is Appreciable As Well :) 

  • Guest

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  • Hell’s Donut House

    Brings back memories  — the first short I made in 1983 utilized the same concept. Back then though, I had to hold my 16mm Bolex upside-down while I was shooting in order for the footage to play back properly.

  • Ralph Hightower

    It’s been done before.

    REM’s: This is the End of the World as We Know It.

    Caution, YouTube is F’ed up. You may get a Katy Perry video on this link.

  • Joseph Mietus

    Also used here:

  • Hella Fresh!

     Yeah, because only the first time of anything could ever be cool. /sarcasm

  • ghostshadow

    Of course it’s been done before.. Who cares? I thought it was pretty awesome! This one looks a hell of a lot more natural than some of the links that people are posting in the comments. Dash brothers did a stand up job.