A Heartbeat and Body Temp Controlled Concept Camera for Your Pet

Ever since the move to digital, and especially with the advent of the camera phone, we’ve seen a huge spike in photography — everybody is taking pictures. But even so, our four legged friends haven’t really gotten in on the action. That may soon change, however, if a concept camera by designer Jaehwa Lee ever becomes a reality.

Pet’s View, as the concept is called, is a unique implementation of a pet camera that uses your pet’s excitement level to decide when to snap photos. By monitoring the pet’s heartbeat and body temp the camera can tell when the pet is excited (like when you’re getting home), and when that happens it starts snapping away photos. You can then take it off your pet and plug it into your computer using the built-in USB.

The idea is being pitched in two ways: the first, as a great way see what your pet sees throughout the day when they get excited; and the second, as a “truth-tape” of memories for when your pet passes away. But whichever way you would want to use it, it’s interesting/funny/somewhat expected to see people thinking of ways to get their pets in on the photographical action. Head over to Yanko Design for more info on the Pet’s View camera.

What did your pet see today? [Yanko Design]

  • Bas ter Beek

    Does this work with excited girlfriends too?

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    Have a video camera in this compact design and I would happily buy one. Doesn’t have to be HD just enough space to record an entire day’s worth of activity.

  • nobody

    So basically you’re going to get a bunch of pictures of the grass and pavement, because that thing will be pointing directly at the ground 100% of the time.

  • Steffen Graumann

    Nice photoshop work putting the neck band on the dog … :·D