Who Applied for Photography-Related Top-Level Domains?

There are currently 22 “generic” top level domains (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG), but that’s about to change. ICANN, the authority behind the Internet’s domain name system, began accepting applications for new gTLDs, meaning we may soon see web addresses that end in things like .PARIS, .FERRARI, and .KIDS. Yesterday was “reveal day” — the day on which the full list of domain proposals and applicants was published. The reveals some pretty interesting clues on some photo-related domains that might soon hit the web.

Keep in mind that the initial price for an application is $185,000, and the annual fee for maintaining your top level domain is $25,000. This is a pretty high barrier of entry that prevents smaller businesses and individuals from jumping into the fray.

Canon did indeed apply for .CANON, something that was rumored early last year. Olympus wants .OLYMPUS, Nikon wants .NIKON, Sony wants .SONY, Panasonic wants .PANASONIC, Ricoh wants .RICOH, and Samsung wants .SAMSUNG.

A company called Atomic Maple, LLC applied for .CAMERA. Three companies from three different countries are apply for .CAM.

One application was made for .PHOTO, .PHOTOS, .PICTURES, and .PICS. Two companies are competing for .PHOTOGRAPHY.

New gTLD Applied-For Strings [ICANN]

Image credit: Our computers II by aranarth

  • Ralph Hightower

    The sheer volume of proposed TLDs is ridiculous. It will muddy the waters and make it absolutely confusing to navigate the web. This auction by ICANN is their latest scheme to grab money.

  • Mike

    I don’t see why we need so many new TLDs, do we really need one for each company? Sounds like a pain to me.

  • Crystal R. Pace

    that prevents smaller businesses and individuals from jumping into the

  • Stephan Zielinski


  • Chris Lyn

    So instead of we are gonna have
    Stupid, redundant and confusing. 

  • Ivan

    More likely something like or Still, I can’t see the point and advantage over, say, or

  • Justin

    If they do that and change the server name to canon, the url would be

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Their server that hosts the best-known camera-themed music wherin different singers start the same melody at different times would thus be .

  • John Colley

    The www was dropped from URL’s long ago. Most webhosts add the subdomain of www to your DNS records so that they still function for those who can’t stop typing it, but it is certainly not required.

    With this in mind, the URL’s in question would most likely be shortened to something that makes since such as: