Portraits of Kids Before and After Tooth Surgery

Being Brave is a series of portraits by photographer Andy Brown showing children before and after tooth extraction surgery. Brown first photographed each child bright-eyed and smiling in the waiting room, and then captured their faces again as they were waking up from general anesthesia.

Being Brave by Andy Brown (It’s Nice That)

Image credits: Photographs by Andy Brown and used with permission

  • Peninsulapetphotography

    Awww. Brave things…

  • guest

    General anaesthesia for a tooth? I was lucky to get a local injection for impacted wisdom teeth.

  • Rachel Fox

    My daughter recently was put asleep for dental work and I remember looking at her as she woke, all bloodied and drowsy, wishing I could photograph her but the mammy in me just needed to cuddle her instead.  Poor little things!

  • Ouch!

    Really? Pretty morbid, actually. The photographer, writer & editor of this article. Nothing to do with bravery. Couldn’t even bother to wipe off the blood stains!  Where’s the photog’s before/after surgery pictures? Sheesh!

  • Mansgame

    I got 2 fillings as a 9 year old kid without any local injections, but that was by choice because I was scared to death of the needle. 

  • Silentinseattle

     This one actually bothered me as well.

  • junyo

    Who let’s their kid get photographed bloody after surgery? And I thought my Mom whipping out bare assed baby pictures of me for girlfriends was bad enough…

  • kendon

    also, whats the point? obviously this is my personal opinion, but i find the pictures neither interesting, nor appealing, nor surprising, nor anything…

  • Gary

    Sick or what?

  • Ryan Seyeau

    Couldn’t even bother to wipe off the blood stains!” Not sure if you’re trying to be funny. If not, please go back to your flower photography.

  • Ryan Seyeau

    You’re right. Everything should be sunshine and rainbows. Glitter coated, sweet and charming.

  • Ryan Seyeau

    I forgot why I’ve stopped checking comments on Petapixel. Didn’t take long to be reminded.

  • Neville Black

    Me too! Except I had 12 done over time with out. Its the worst pain.

  • Neville Black

    Whats up with the girl? She has blood all over her face and blood splatter on her shirt? What dentist is she seeing? Orin Scrivello?!

  • junyo

    Yes, the idea of not allowing one’s children’s pain to be immortalized for posterity and profited from is such a selfish notion. I’m sure you snap a picture of every injury your kids get, or kill puppies in front of them, or explain in great detail how the world is nothing but a yawning maw of despair to which you have condemned them – just for giggles – and then snap a picture, just so they understand right up front that life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, glitter coated sweet and charming. My, the fun times you must have.

    Here’s a clue; Your job as a parent is to act in the children’s best interest, not expose them to unneeded pain or ridicule in the interest of some photographer’s art. The world will teach them about pain on it’s own more than soon enough, your job is protect them from it. If you’re rubbing their noses in it, forcing them to wallow in it, you’re a bad parent and a bad person, and art is just an excuse for your own issues and sadism.

  • Ninpou_kobanashi

    I have no kids and even I cringed.

  • Ricky

    This seems really relevant to this thread.

  • Jackmahaffey

     I think you and Ryan are both going to the  extremes to try and make your point. Unfortunately the truth is somewhere in between you two. True, we can’t always sugar coat life for our kids trying to ensure a blissful childhood, however we also should not go out of our way to show them the bad things in life.
    It would be nice if people would spend more time really thinking about what they want to say- perhaps then the many others that read these comments wont immediately ignore them assuming the individual is a fanatic or just plain looney! You both had good points, you just went for the jugular to make them!

  • Ryan Seyeau

    Hook, line and sinker.

  • junyo

    @RyanSeyeau:disqus Wow, non-responsive snark, what a devastating comeback.

    @2228dfd4af03e03ed3856bc5d57010a7:disqus No extremes this end. I take pictures of people doing dangerous/stupid/painful/illegal things all the time. I completely understand the un-Disneyfied parts of the tour. But those are adults, there of their own volition. Kids, legally, morally, and intellectually have no volition, they have parents. You know, the tall people that live with them, who’s job is to protect them to the best of their ability?

    You want to tell me that there is an upside to society to these parents choosing to put their kids pain on display, that a picture of a little girl bloody is somehow edifying or tells you something about the universe that you didn’t already know, we can debate the point. But show up and be a holier than thou art douche armed only with sarcasm and smug, and you’ll be treated as such.

  • Ryan Seyeau

    Ok, Jackmahaffey you are the voice of reason here. Strictly speaking, I believe morality has no relation to talent as a photographer. We must function as people and as photographers though, so cannot simply disregard social norms for the photo (despite how kick-ass that photo might be).

    For this particular case, I don’t think a line was crossed. If the photographer performed unnecessary surgery to cause pain, and photograph the result, then a line would have been crossed. Again, it would have no impact on the validity of the photo. The photos might be incredible.

    These children had necessary surgery though. There just happened to be a photographer there to capture the moment. If the surgery is moral, and the pain they feel moral, then photographing something that is moral should not be considered immoral. 

  • Soma Jones

    Bland and pointless but morbid? Please.

  • Flgraphics

    and we wonder why people generally hate going to the dentist

  • MannDaryl

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  • Afterall

    After portrait were probably edited in PS (liquify) to add some drama 

  • Ouch!

    Better flower than exploitation, ambulance chasing. Not trying to be funny.

  • Randy Gull

    I’m a dentist.  Sometimes I work on kids this age.  Nothing compelling or interesting in these photos.  Too much like work….

  • FLM

    Check out how dilated their pupils are hahaha

  • Captain Pasty

    This has been done quite a few times before. Like the boxers before and after a match, soldiers before and after the war.

    As for the blood on the little girl’s face, when you have teeth pulled out you bleed. It’s just what happens. I had 3 wisdoms and a molar out a few months back, and bled so much it went all over the floor, and my clothes.

  • Jwhite761

    Looks like they’ve been through something really tough! hehe

  • ghostshadow

    I thought they were pretty funny.

  • Guest

    I know why I don’t like dentists.. Poor little children!

  • Mario Liedtke

    Maybe not the best promotion from dentist to take away the fear of people of visiting a dentist…