Importing Multiple Memory Cards Into Lightroom At The Same Time

Here’s a great little-known tip coming at you via photographer Dan Carr that has the potential to make using Lightroom just that much easier. If you didn’t already know — and it seems most people didn’t — assuming you have enough card readers, you can actually import multiple memory cards into Lightroom all at once.

Many amateurs and most enthusiasts never shoot more than one card at a time, but professionals often fill up several over the course of a photo shoot. For them, this tip should help get the process of importing all of those cards into Lightroom closer to that ideal “set it and forget it” scenario.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Allen Arrick

    Life changing. Spending an hour after a long wedding just downloading cards is no fun. Thanks for the awesome tip!

  • chuntianwen

  • Geoff

    Nice one.  This’ll save me some time.

  • Jon Diener

    Good information to know, Dan! Thanks for sharing with the photo community.

  • Throwingit

    Not sure if I’m the only one experiencing this, but it doesn’t work in Lightroom 4. I wonder if they took that function out of the newer ones.

  • Hank Miner

    Works in 4.1 though it doesn’t sort by device as video shows. I found that the devices have to be plugged in BEFORE activating LR for everything to show in files.

  • Throwingit

    Thanks Hank. I missed the step of BEFORE activating LR. It works for me as well and as you say, no device sort.

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  • henfana

  • Dave

    Great tip!  Thanks for the information.  This is very helpful and appreciated!

  • Jen Philips

    Thank you! I just found your tutorial in 2014, with LR5, and still the discussion everywhere online is that Photo Mechanic is the only software that can handle simultaneous card import. A little search, found you, day saved!