Photographer Exhibits Photos Overhead, Provides Mirrors for Viewing Them

For her most recent exhibition, Brooklyn-based Dutch photographer Anouk Kruithof wanted to do something revolutionary, to change the way we experience the typical art exhibit — thus was born her exhibit “Untitled: I’ve Taken Too Many Photos, I’ve Never Taken Any Photos.”

Two choices make the exhibit unique: First, Kruithof posted signs around her neighborhood in search of an editor who could look at the photos in a very honest way, someone who had literally never taken snapped a photo in their life. And second, Kruithof decided to put the photos on the ceiling. When viewers enter the exhibit they are handed a mirror, in this way they can take in the entire exhibit or “frame” individual pieces of it using their mirrors.

Untitled: I’ve Taken Too Many Photos, I’ve Never Taken Any Photos (via TIME LightBox)

Image credits: Photographs by Anouk Kruithof

  • rtfe

    yea! art school!

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  • pfft

    Holy crap! That’s lame.

  • rtfe

    when your content sucks, improvise.

  • lol

    ur 100% the photos suck but the idea of using a mirror is interesting but doesn’t fit with her concept bcs there is no concept hehhe! Lame! she’s not even close to be called an amateur photographer !!