Hasselblad Cuts Prices, Makes Owning Medium Format Cheap(er)

Many a photographer would love to have a medium format camera gracing their camera bag, but not everyone can afford to drop anywhere between twenty and forty thousand dollars on a Hasselblad. Fortunately, the price of owning one just dropped by 22.9-percent. In an attempt to make medium formats more affordable and commonplace, Hasselblad is launching a global marketing initiative that will significantly drop the price of many of their cameras, including the entry-level H4D-31 (down by ~$5,000), and the 60MP H4D-60 (down by ~$8,000).

Commenting on the move, Hasselblad global sales and marketing director Chris Russell-Fish said:

This is a groundbreaking move and a very important day indeed for every photographer who aspires to own one of the best cameras in the world. For many, price has long been the biggest barrier to ownership. Now we have substantially reduced prices on six units and there really has never been a better time to get your hands on a Hasselblad. Photographers can now buy into our fully integrated H System capture solutions with an H4D-31 camera body for less than 9,000 euros.

He went on to explain that the initiative is part of a dynamic marketing strategy leading up to Photokina. And although this certainly doesn’t make owning a Hasselblad “cheap,” the hope is that more and more creative professionals will consider buying at least their entry-level cameras.

(via Imaging Insider)

  • Paul Howard

    does that mean that the h4d-31 went from 13,999 to 8,999? that would be insane!

  • Eilia

    that’s good but how much will be?

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    Following the links to Hasselblad’s price list says yes, the H4D-31 is €8,995 / $11,995 / £7,995

  • Josephr Teeter

    Yes it does, and it is indeed insane! I wonder how many recent purchasers of the H4D series are now calling to see about a refund. Also the way I see it Hasselblad’s strategy must mean that to justify a price drop of that magnitude, they are hoping to sell bukus and bukus of the “price has significantly dropped” models like the H4D-31, and the H4D-60. I’m looking at it from Hasselblad’s point of view – Do they stand to make more income by dropping the price on these highly sought after cameras, and hoping that enough new buyers will jump aboard as to negate the initial earnings loss they take by lowering these models. It just may work. I surely hope so because I would love to see these medium format cameras in the hands of all those great artists that previously could not afford to own one. 
    Also, anybody think that this may spur other medium format camera, and medium format digital back manufacturers to take a similar approach?

    All in all it sounds like big things are shaking up in my most beloved profession.

  • Kdjkdj

    thats because of the D800 all nikon fanboys will say

  • Nick

    Wonder if this is a response prompted by the likes of the D800?

  • Kdjkdj

    see.. there is the first… ROTFL

  • branden rio

    The $5000 Hasselblad price drop alone is more than the cost of all my cameras.

  • lorax

    I’m a Nikon fanboy, but find it bewildering that the D800 could be seen as competing with a Hassy in the majority of situations. Massive pixel count is in many cases a disadvantage without the more important benefits of shallow DoF and wonderful Hassy lenses – full frame and medium format just *look* different, which is why I bother lugging an old 500c/m around with me…

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    Just imagine people who bought H4D last week, they could have bought a car and the camera right today.

  • Kdjkdj

    then you are a more intelligent fanboy then the usual bunch… :)

  • Ben Carufel

    I wonder if this will spur Phase One to do something similar. I do love my P25 back and Contax 645 system, but I’m very tempted to switch to a newer Phase back with the Phase (Mamiya) camera system, mainly for longevity (how long will manufacturers actually support the Contax 645 platform?) and for the incredible sync speed…

  • gerlos

    “best cameras in the world”… And me, me that has always though that the best camera is the one that’s with you when you are going to capture that magical moment… ;-)

  • Knur

    Wait for full frame Fujifilm X pro 2. Leica will cuts some prices too.

  • Dave

     And you’re being naive if you think the D800 didn’t have anything to do with it.

    When Jim Brandenburg (you’ll probably have to Google that) says “It’s the defining, ultimate camera” [and this was not while making an ad for Nikon either] then maybe Hassleblad realized they were staring at some flat sales in the future.

    Yep, marketing strategy, also known as: “we just got our block knocked off by a more compact camera” Now you can get the same, or better results (see DXO results comparing d800 with Hassleblad) while using a camera that has far more features, is more mobile, has a ridiculously larger lens and accessories repertoire and cost a shit ton less.

    What is your educated guess as to why the price of Blads have been drastically slashed in some panic move?

  • Lorax

    I’m fully aware that the D800 has something to do with it! What I find bewildering is the notion that sensor quality and resolution are the only things that separate medium format from 35mm full frame equivalent. Sure, for some subjects, with everything in focus, there may be no advantage to medium format over something like a D800 – it’s merely a technical issue related to the sensors, subject to subjective issues related to the lens. And there are of course many areas in which a full frame or smaller DSLR is hugely preferable to MF, but they existed long before the D800. What I don’t get is the way in which people seem to be prepared to dismiss the importance of subjective aesthetic factors such as DoF and bokeh, for which in many cases the sensor size alone is the most important determinant, whatever its resolution. I don’t disagree that the issue exists, I just find it odd…

  • lorax

    Woops – that came out wrong – for some reason it’s almost impossible to edit text when posting on an iPad, dreadfully laborious, so I wasn’t able to explain myself more clearly. Bokeh is down to the lens, of course, but the degree to which it features is partly a function of the DoF, which is in turn a function of sensor size.

  • Dave

     I agree with everything you have said, and just so you know, my reply was to the ridiculous comment by Kdjkdj. Yes a larger format will give you shallower DOF but you can get some razor thin DOF and buttery bokeh from the fast Nikkors as well. I am not saying they are of equal aesthetic quality as  am not qualified to make a judgement on something that must be nearly imperceptibly different. The good thing is, if you really need to have a medium format camera, they are getting more affordable. I shot MF for years in the film days and loved it. Today the lines are getting blurred so to speak.

  • Kozmo Nauta

    Mamiya also planning to cut price….but they dont :))

  • Calgary Photographer

    If the Pentax 645D gets a price cut, I will buy one. Here’s hoping! :)

  • WilkinsNannie75

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  • haohe382
  • Daniel Mora

    My 4×5 has more megapickles than a D800 or a Hasselblad and only cost me $700.

    Film > *.

  • David Cohen De Lara

    Ok, now go take 1000 shots with your camera and I’ll take 1000 shots with a D800. See what works out cheaper. 

  • Dave

     If you are in photography to save money, that would be a valid argument.

  • sayithere

    I think it’s a good sign that hopefully pentax will release a new MF dslr with even lower price than of 645D’s initial price :)

  • Spider- Man

    no, there is just a difference between a fan boy and obsessive twit. Anyone who hates on other cameras cause they are not a certain brand has gigantic self esteem issues…

  • HFXphoto

    He doesn’t need to take 1000 shots. He takes his time, plans, and takes one.

  • Pizzizle_69

    both canon and nikon digital have been going after the medium format market for the last few years…Now with the Nikon D800 the guys over at Hasselblad are definitely taking notice…Personally I’ve always rented medium format digital for jobs but just find them slow and clunky to work with.

  • Nigel_roberson

    I use a leica, are there other cameras then ?

  • medium format guru

    Hasselblad has to cut prices they can’t compete with Phase One or Mamiya right now.  Hasselblad hasn’t come out with anything new in years, they are so far behind the game, the price drop looks like a desperate try to hang on to the little market share they have.

  • Phil Rose

    That’s the most depressing comment I have read in a long time.

  • Nigel_roberson

     OK then, I use a D3 as well but its only my M9P I call a camera