Smile: Video Clips of People Posing for Still Photos

Here’s a humorous short film titled “Smile” by director Dean Fleischer-Camp, who regularly asks people to pose for a photograph but then secretly records video instead. It shows how poses that look so natural in still photographs can look so completely awkward in videos.

Update: Long Awkward Pose is a website dedicated to this very thing. (thx flamedot!)

  • Robby Cornish

    what a creepy perv ball

  • Wallerus

    Caught 0:43

  • michaelp42

    Whatever turns him on…. ¬† bit creepy though.

  • PatriciaMurphy


  • flamedot

    This reminds me of Long Awkward Pose which, sadly, hasn’t been updated in quite a while¬†

  • Flgraphics

    The reaction of Jenny was getting kinda funny.. lol

  • newamericanclassic

    it was like 90% that one girl from SNL