Canon Dropping Humans From Assembly Lines, May Go Fully Robotic by 2015

In sharp contrast to the Leica way of doing things by hand, Canon has just announced that it is planning on completely eliminating the need for a human production line as early as 2015. So while your future Leica M10 will still be completely hand-made (with a price tag to match), your future 5D Mark IV (or maybe Mark VI by then) will be entirely robot-made.

Fortunately, Canon spokesperson Jan Misumi assured the press that the move won’t lead to job losses, as employees will be moved into other parts of the company. But it does seem to take a little bit of the humanity you see in the Leica making of video out of camera manufacturing.

(via Engadget)

  • Jin C

    Binary solo! 0000001 0000011 0000111 00001111! Robo boogie!
    (Kudos to Fotc photo on the front!)

  • tttfoto

    I’ll continue saving for my M10 thanks…………

  • Jackson Cheese

    How will humans be able to afford these robot built items, when our jobs are being replaced by said robots?

  • Guest

    The employees are dead.
    We used poisonous gasses, and we poisoned their asses!