Photobombing Tourist Photos with High Fives at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you’ve ever been to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, you’ve probably seen the countless tourists standing around with their hands in the air, pretending to push the tower of (or hold it up) in forced perspective photos. Prankster Darius Groza decided to take advantage of this unique tourist tradition by photobombing the pictures with high fives.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Spider- Man


  • Eric Allison

    High-fives take a lot of criticism, but in fact this video proves it’s a gesture of awesomeness that spans both cultures and languages.  ;)  What a great idea.

  • PatriciaMurphy

    What an asshole…

  • Wtfno

    Obnoxious. I’d be pissed

  • cliche hater

    Good for him.  Stupid morons taking cliche-ass photos deserve to be trolled.

    Plus, it’s funny as shit.

  • TSY87

     … because you only get 1 shot ever at taking a cliche shot that every does?

  • StopTheHate

    Sure it’s kind of funny, but do you need to hate people who happen to think what their doing is funny or cute or whatever, just because your self-defined artistic pedigree seemingly places you above them in the esoteric world in which you live?  

  • Dancebert

    That asshole needs a lesson in respecting other’s boundaries and his ethnocentrism (assuming his targets know the high five).  Both lessons could be efficiently taught with a punch in his nose.

  • FreeApe

    Really, what’s with all the hating and put-downs?  I enjoyed it just fine, until . . . Oh, well, no point in hating the haters.  But the world definitely does not need all this bad energy.  Why promote and multiply THAT?

  • Andrew Bowness

    I think it’s fair to assume that if you’re a tourist from a foreign place that has managed to make it to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe then you’re going to be aware of what a high five is.

  • name

    Interesting to note that no one really got mad – they got it. I thought it was stupid but watched to look for reactions…interesting thing to study.